I’m mixing it all up.

Almost six months ago (minus only one day actually) I posted my top 20 for The Hot Celebrity Ownership Divider, and Rikke posted hers only a day later. Since then both Pernille and Joanna has weighed in with their respective lists – Rikke and I might decide at some point to take one or two of their choices from them because The Hot Celebrity Ownership Divider is our invention and we do not run a democracy, but for now both of those lists are safe. Besides these two – well actually three because Joanna also contributed with a female edition – there has been little mention of THCOD. This only support my recent post, which claims that these hot guys are both our survival and demise. I have though decided that for now it should lead to the survival of this blog. I’m contemplating a total mix up of my top 20. In the past six months I’ve slowly found several additions, which led to the discussion of how several additions affects who gets kicked off. When we first agreed to make our lists top 20s we also agreed that the one getting kicked off would always be the guy in the 20th place, but since I am now adding three guys this would mean I would have to kick off Sheemar Moore and I feel nowhere near ready to make that sacrifice, so Rikke and I decided the 20th place should always be discarded but if several additions are made, it is okay to rearrange the order of the guys to do so.

Okay, reading about how we make up our own rules as we go along might not be the most exciting thing in the world, but I felt like it had to be included, and now I’ll stop with the formalities and rather move on to what this is really about, those darn hot guys, because we all love us some man meat. Hopefully the future will bring more guest posts by our Strings of Thoughts favourites Peter and Gro, who last guest blogged during Oscar season. For now though you will have to make do with a new list from me. 17 of the guys are the same, but very few of them will be found on the same position as before, the additions have also pushed some down the list, and very very few have been pushed up. I will make sure to include the number of places a guy has been pushed down or up as we go along, so you can all follow my scattered mind in this process. I have very much taken The James Lafferty Effect into consideration and am always aware of where he will be placed on the list, as soon as Rikke lets him go, which I am certain will happen soon, now that I’ve taken the first step towards a rearrangement of our lists. I will not include you in this, but just know that my 20th place is always on borrowed time as long as James Lafferty is driving a wedge between Rikke’s and my relationship.

Also in this post I will be revealing my choice for a woman, and maybe (if I make up my mind before I’m done writing) I’ll change my voice choice.

I think we just need to get started on the list before I write half a novel here…

1. Aaron Tveit

I really can’t help myself when it comes to this guy. He fascinates me so – mostly the fact that he can have a life without any social media – his talent in both acting and singing awes me and I just can’t help going all out of this world from time to time when I listen to or watch anything he’s done. He was and will continue to be my number one for a long time.

How can one not appreciate anyone who can wear a suit and a casual t-shirt with the same poise?

2. Chace Crawford
(⇑ 1 place from 3rd)

Gro says my taste is boyish, and I do agree somewhat with her, because I like my guys a little polished, but she cannot keep arguing that guys who carry a shirt and a suit-jacket like Chace Crawford looks like a boy. Unfortunately I haven’t seen much of this hot guy in the last six months, but still he has managed to creep up to the second place he should probably have had on the last list, because I simply can’t stop looking at him.

3.  Theo James
(⇒ New)

Theo James has gone straight to my top 3 because no one wears a suit like this guy! Okay maybe some wear it equally well, but no one tops him at least. He is also British and though this is not something we get to really feel in Divergent it is very much something that stands out if you choose to listen to an interview with him. The suitwearing skills might come from him being native to Oxford, but I don’t care where it comes from, just that it is there.

He also has very nice skills in not wearing suits:


4. Ryan Reynolds

Oh Yes, Mr. Reynolds stay in his previous fourth place, because even though Gro most likely won’t understand this choice in any way Ryan Reynolds is the exact kind of guy who belongs in my top 5. He has a boyish charm about him that I simply can’t resist. He is polished and I like it. And he also wears a suit very well! I love me my suits.

If you hadn’t realised yet there is a sort of theme in the pictures this time. Suits. Or at least as close to suits as we can get. Mmm suits.

5. Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum is really winning me over, also on the acting side. He keeps his fifth place, which in itself is a very very hard thing to do with this list.

Just as I’ve pronounced the image theme as being very much guided by suits and general dressed-upness I present one that is far from, but some guys are just not really at their best when they wear a suit and I for one think that Mr. Tatum is one of them. Channing Tatum is jut fine without the suit (though he is able to wear one and pull it off very well) I just like him more when he is casually dressed.

6. Chris Lowell
(⇒ New)

Chris Lowell

The second newcomer to the list is this fine young man! Chris Lowell has been sort of in my peripheral view for a while, with his role in Private Practice and The Help, but not until I began watching Enlisted (and Rikke finally got me to watch Veronica Mars) have he really become a contender for a space on the list, but he is coming in strong, just outside the top five.

Chris Lowell is not just a really great actor and a seemingly awesome guy, he is also an amazing photographer, in my humble opinion, and that makes any guy even hotter than they already are.

Chris Lowell is another one of the guys I actually don’t think necessarily is at his best when wearing a suit because he is somewhat of a geek, which is another great quality about him, and he also does the Team Logan look very very well; especially when Jason Dohring is sporting a Team Piz look next to him:

Team Logan, Team Piz

7. Ben Barnes
(⇑3 places from 10th)

Ben Barnes

Ben Barnes, oh such a smile this Brit has. I could have chosen many a nice picture where this lovely dark-haired, brown-eyed man wears a suit, and he does it well, but what really makes him move up is his amazing smile. One thing is looking sexy because of what you are wearing but doing it with a smile is something absolutely special, and Ben Barnes does that so very well. So well in fact that I don’t mind too much when he is in movies that don’t let him use his British accent.

8. Eddie Redmayne
(⇓ 6 places from 2nd)

Eddie Redmayne

I think Eddie Redmayne is the one who’s taken the biggest dive on the list, but I also sort of think I might have been a little biased last time, with having watched him a lot in 2013. Now the hype has worn of a bit and he is therefore dropped in my opinion. Naturally he is still British, still quirky, still an amazing singer and therefore also still included in my top ten. Also, it was very hard to find a picture where Eddie Redmayne doesn’t wear a suit, so I just chose the one most British.

9. Adam Levine
(⇒ New)

Adam Levine

I finally found my musician! Well my through and through musician that is because I do have quite a few people on my list who do music very very well. But Adam Levine is my choice, since Pernille took Justin Timberlake just as I thought I’d finally found one. Adam Levine is the third newcomer but also the third person on the list I am not certain is really depicted best wearing a suit, but I went with one where he wears a nice white shirt at least. It really proved rather difficult to find any picture where he wears any shirt at all.

10. Michael Trevino
(⇑ 2 places from 12th)

Michael Trevino

Okay I really feel like I have to defend this one because Michael Trevino is an excellent suit wearer, but he also has an amazing smile/laugh. And Smile trumps clothes any day. Besides a nice simple t-shirt and very nice overarms can be equally sexy as a suit really. Besides, I sort of objectified him last time by choosing a photo of him wearing no shirt, so this time I had to be a little nicer, I felt.

Michael Trevino has recently moved up in my mind after the internet started posting pictures of him again when he and Jenna Ushkowitz ended things. He is a fine fine young man, who definitely deserves my last place in top ten.

11. Drew Fuller
(⇓ 2 places from 9th)

Drew Fuller

I know, this is really not the best picture of Drew Fuller because it is very much obviously Photoshoped and also he has longish hair but it was the best I could find that came close to him wearing a suit. I sort of got stuck on all the uniform pictures of him.

Talking of Drew Fuller in a uniform, his two place drop is probably somewhat down to me not getting my weekly fix on Army Wives and with this list it is very much out of sight out of mind.

12. Paul Wesley
(⇓ 5 places from 7th)

Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley is a close contender to Eddie Redmayne’s six place drop, but he keeps it at five. Once again I have to use the out of sight out of mind excuse, and it is not because Paul Wesley is no longer active, I simply stopped watching The Vampire Diaries. Paul Wesley is a steady 12th place though and I do believe it is down to him being one of the lesser CWish guys on that channel. This real life do good’er is a very nice suit wearer though and that is one nice quality to have.

13. Alex Pettyfer
(⇑ 1 place from 14th)

Alex Pettyfer

Okay Okay Okay! I argued last time that Alex Pettyfer’s lower placement was due to his age, and really it still is, but come on, does he really look 24 in this picture?! I so considered bumping him up, but I just can’t get over this age thing completely. Maybe next time though.

Why is it that the guys around me don’t look like this? 24-year-olds look so 24ish and not at all like this!

14. Darren Criss
(⇑ 3 places from 17th)

Darren Criss

I am having a very hard time with Darren Criss, because somehow I feel like he should be higher on the list. Maybe it is just because I really think he is one of the greatest talents of right now. There is something absolutely enchanting about Mr. Criss that I can’t explain if you don’t already get it. He is just the right amount of quirky for my taste, but also has an amazing voice, which I don’t think I would ever get tired of listening to. For now though, he stays in the lower end, but still in top 15.

15. Dean Geyer
(⇓ 4 places from 11th)

Dean Geyer

Dean Geyer is very much the least suit wearing guy on this list, and therefore you don’t get him wearing one. He grew up in South Africa, has lived in Australia for many years and therefore should never wear anything but casual. I am sorry to say but unless Mr. Geyer starts starring in something again he will most likely, very slowly, move towards the bottom and eventually out of my list.

16. Bradley Cooper
(⇓ 10 places from 6th)

Bradley Cooper

I lied to you, it is as simple as that. Eddie Redmayne is so not the one who dropped the most on the list because that honour falls to Mr. Bradley Cooper.

I really don’t know what happened here. All of a sudden he just got bumped and bumped and bumped and ended up in space number 16. He wears a suit well, he has the posture and I can ignore his tendency to have longer hair. There is no excuse like “out of sight, out of mind” because that is not true of Bradley Cooper, he has been in loads of stuff lately (okay lately is a question of definition), so really the only thing I have is to quote Rikke:

“The curls does nothing for him!”

17. Tom Mison
(⇓ 9 places from 8th)

Tom Mison

Tom Mison is a prime example that you can drop on the list just as mightily as you entered it. Really he was just a little British peak when I started watching Sleepy Hollow, and then I stopped watching that and he dropped quickly and far. He is still British though and does have a rather sexy voice, so he stays for now. Besides, when he keeps his hair cut he is sill a hot piece of man.

18. Shemar Moore

Shemar Moore

Shemar Moore is a very strange part of my list, because he really has nothing of what I so appreciate. He doesn’t sing (that I know of), he is slightly too muscley and there is nothing really polished about him, and we know I like my polish. He is though darn harming as Agent Morgan on Criminal Minds, and I do sort of think it is that role more than Shemar Moore himself that stays put in 18th place. I added three guys and Mr. Moore should have been out, but I just can’t bring myself to let that happen.

19. Ian Somerholder
(⇓ 6 places from 13th)

Ian Somerhalder

Another rather big drop, and I must give the same explanation as I did with Paul Wesley; I stopped watching The Vampire Diaries and it just sort of affected how I view these CW/Vampire Diaries actors. Ian Somerholder has loads of suit pictures, but this one with him holding a guitar looking like a musician trumps suit, simple as that.

20. Jack Davenport
(⇓5 places from 15th)

Jack Davenport

Oh Mr. Davenport. The place which means a certain end of life on the list, not just because he will, most likely soon, give room for James Lafferty, but also because the 20th place will always be the one cut when there are additions to the list. Jack Davenport is just too old. I can’t keep him on here just because of the accent, I simply can’t stand behind that any longer. Age age age!


We have reached the end of a list, which has taken me much longer to update than anticipated and also much longer than it did when I originally ordered the hot celebrities into a top 20.

I also promised you my choice of lady, and I must admit, I’ve had two lose contenders. In the end Mila Kunis had to make space for my final choice, which Gro will most likely dislike, as she does with most of my choices. My choice of female has fallen on the eternally clumpsy and seemingly amazing Jennifer Lawrence.


Well I guess I should argue as to why I’ve chosen Jennifer Lawrence, but it is rather self explanatory; she is a goof ball. She trips and falls all the time, she flips off people at the Oscars and she often make faces and photo-bombs people. What is not to like?

Before I end this rather lengthy post I’ll drop a bit of a bomb on you (okay bomb, might be a little too much, a cracker might be more accurate). Rikke and I are considering cutting the list from 20 guys to 15! Yes we are honestly considering cutting ONE FOURTH of each our lists. It seems Gro was right, she did do us a favour when she asked us to rank our guys. Also I’ve realised I need to be more picky.

With that said I bid you goodbye and hope you’ve enjoyed the read.


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  1. Groschenlein says:

    Do not misrepresent me here, I love you taste in women – Jennifer Lawrence is as close to perfection as one can get without becoming annoying 😉 I am considering, since you have spend such great amount of time referencing that I disagree with you, either making my own list, or simply making a comments blog, so I get to have a say in why I disagree with you 😉

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