The blackboard…

To some it is known, to others it might be completely new information, but Rikke and I have a blackboard in our apartment, and it has been used for very different stuff through the times.

It began with Rikke making a drawing of a bad ass unicorn, which we both love so much.

Then we decided that is should become a sort of thing for us to draw new stuff on the board, and we have kept to that with varying degrees of success.

I then decided to express my love for Olaf in a drawing, which I did rather well if you ask me.

Maybe it was just because I wanted people to know I like warm hugs as well.

When we felt it was time for something new, Rikke decided to stick with the Olaf theme and drew me this:

I naturally loved it, because Risarodil makes some amazing drawings!

The board has been used for other stuff than just pretty drawings. Very important stuff like counting dawn the days until it was my birthday.

I am a big believer in birthdays so counting down to them is also a very big part of my life.

Sometimes we have even been philosophical or just down right optimistic and cheerful on the board.

The latest addition to the number of drawings on the blackboard has been a very encouraging drawing of a tiny potato, which we name Theodore, who really really believed in me in the final days of my master thesis writing.

But eventually Theodore (he does not like to be called Theo), like all the others, had to go.

So now I’ve come up with a new concept to keep the board busy for a little while; I’ve made it a riddle board.

The first riddle has already been drawn on there, so now I’m just waiting for Rikke to come home from her London trip and start guessing at what I’ve drawn. I’ll even help her, and you, by posting it here. Happy guessing!

Do you know the answer?
Do you know the answer?

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