It will be a Twitter nightmare for everyone but us.


Yes I realise that is a rather long title for a blog, but really it is all I’ve got and it needs to be that long in order to let people know what this post is about; a warning.

So anyone who follows Rikke or I on Twitter might have noticed a peak in my postings the other day, and if you follow both of us, oh my was your feed taken over the other day for a little while. First Rikke, Peter, Gro and I discussed our individual summer playlists, which I’ve conveniently linked to with our names, so feel free to click and listen; if just one of them does not fall in your taste, then you are indeed a strange person.

Well back to Twitter, because what took place after our lengthy discussion about Summer music might have seemed very very strange to most people, particularly since it included Justin Bieber, Kanye West and a lot of baby talk, but there is an explanation, and you will get that now.

I am finding it very difficult to figure out which part of the story makes most sense to tell first, but I think I’ll start from the beginning and tell you all about this tiny little add-on to Google Chrome (but feel free to use whatever browser you want) that allows you to replace posts on Facebook and Twitter. The most amazing thing in the world was originally called, but has changed its name to Rather and it allows you to add pretty much any kill-word you’d like and then replace it with any hashtag or RSS feed you can think of. How it took me almost two years to discover that this existed is beyond me but oh my is it saving me from many a post I really don’t care about and replacing it with stuff I care very much about; like Ryan Gosling GIFs or pictures of either Jason Dohring or Chris Lowell. The great thing is though, you can replace anything with what ever you like! (If you like me really don’t care about your friend’s babies Rather can be found and added right here.)

So why is this important? I’ll tell you.

In the discussion of our playlists we ended up on the subject of the weather (as you do) and I wrote the following:

Which for Rikke meant the presence of her kill-word “baby” and she wrote me the following:

So that is pretty much how it works. And then we continued our little talk and found that a lot of words would result in so many wonderful GIFs and pictures, so we indulged each other a bit and used those words.



Since I was posting from my phone I didn’t have the wonderful GIFs Rikke did, but I did as soon as I got home and really it was a wonderful sight for both Rikke and I.


Oh yes and I scared the lady sitting opposite me on the bus, which I so didn’t do on purpose, but what can one do when Shirtless Jason Dohring is suddenly shoved in ones face!?

Oh the wonders of the Internet!
Oh the wonders of the Internet!

I was lucky enough to get the same image on my feed when I got home along with some other lovely ones of both the Veronica Mars cast and Mr. Gosling, who we all love! (and if you don’t then you’ve landed on this blog very much by mistake!)


People who remember the title of this post might now be asking themselves how this can be a nightmare for them in any way?! Well Rikke and I made a deal that day, to use more of each other’s kill-words in our posts, which means calling each other baby a lot and including Justin Bieber and Kanye West in our posts; along with many more nightmarishly disturbing kill-words. So be prepared, go add the rather function to your browser, and if you don’t use Chrome, then too bad, you are in for a bumpy ride!

(I would just like to add that my previous post was correct, this blog thrives whenever there is talk about guys, those darn hot guys – so I just please the people because what the people obviously wants is more talk of guys.)


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