The problem is guys, those darn hot guys!

I know we are really getting bad at updating this blog regularly, but I have had a really really good reason the last few months in the fact that I have been finishing up my master thesis. And for the next months that can be your excuse.

Though, as the headline of this amazing post to be, indicates there is an underlying issue with us updating this blog now that we live together. That problem is guys. The Hot Celebrity Ownership Divider is sort of the one thing we manage to be consistent with (unless we give each other some random challenge) and then sometimes we decide that our blog is becoming rather teenage girlish and we have a break in The posts about THCOD, which then leads to no posts. So yes our problem is those darn hot guys!

When I first started this blog it was to close the physical gap between us at the time by ensuring there was a continued mental connection (what have previously been perceived as us living in some sort of symbiosis) and it worked. It worked because we both have this need to express ourselves and this way we could do it together. But maybe the purpose of the blog has just vanished, or maybe we need to find another one? We could try and ask out readers if they find our ramblings relevant still and if so, which ramblings do you actually like? Since both you and I have our individual blogs, it is not like we will be leaving the people of the internet to fend for themselves, we will simply be contributing in a different manner.

For me I think we are just in a transition period and I think we just need to find a new way. I think we need to just indulge in the things that our minds are concerned with, which for quite some part is guys. So what if that makes us shallow and judgemental; we are those things.

Judgemental friends

I propose that any reader who has input to this serves it to us straight and then somehow we might find ourselves on a new path and a way to continue this blog with a slightly new purpose. That, or we just need to stop interacting at home but that seems a bit drastic. 


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