So we haven’t been posting here in a while. A great while to be honest and it is not because we don’t want to. We love this blog and all the fellow weridos who follow it, but we don’t really know what to post here any more. Ever since we became the best of roommates we don’t really need a blog to communicate with each other, because we talk every single day.

But interestingly enough we still get plenty of hits. People from all over the world comes to our little blog to read about what we talk about. Mostly because we talk about the internet and other silly things people appreciate, but none the less. We still get hits. Look!



Now I guess we just have to figure out what to make this blog about now. Maybe we should just share things we you and not each other. Regardless, I think it will be awhile before we figure it out since we both have plenty of things to do at the moment.

Ah, life of the busy little bees.