Public transport rant. Again.

Guess what this post will be about? Yeah, public fucking transport. I have five minutes of my break left and I will use it wisely by being angry and yelling on the internet.

This mining when I had to catch my bus to go to work it wasn’t there. Why, you ask? Because of road work. Fair enough. But why didn’t I get any warning so I could change my stop and get to work on time?! I had to run to another bus stop only to discover that the bus leaving while I turn around the corner. Just fucking great. So now I’m running even more late and no busses will save me. So I have to take a fucking taxi in order to get to work.

So in the end I was fifteen minutes late and I had to pay a for a fucking expensive taxi ride. And to make it even better, the customers are generally being all kinds of stupid. Every thing is the worst.

And now my break is over.



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