Drinks galore and much much more…

Last night was a blast, and I am so paying for it today. Not that I wouldn’t be able to pull off not being hungover if I had to, but I am just really really tired and absolutely certain my head weighs double its normal weight. But when something was as great as last night it is all worth it.

The concept of last night, which was my birthday celebration, was drinks, drinks and more drinks, which was topped off with a bunch of board games when we found out that yesterday was the second annual tabletop day.

To be honest, too much happened last night to really explain it all, so instead, here is a picture cavalcade to explain it all better than words ever could.

Birthday 1

Let the games begin!

We actually began the night (or afternoon it was) with a Kir Royal while we all got ready for the night of awesome, but this is not documented. We soon moved on to playing the first game of the night which was Dixit (also not documented). It was my birthday present and it was much fun and challenging, and therefore we had to move on.

Blue Lagoon was the second drink, and tasted like little drops of a heavenly sea. This was enjoyed while playing Globetrotter, a Danish game where you have to travel the world and answer questions about continents.

Daiquiri fun times.Birthday 2

Last minute gal aka. Rikke then quickly moved onto the second drink of the night; Strawberry Daiquiri. The old man and the internet aka. Peter, decided she needed all of six straws to really enjoy her daiquiri. This is also when she started to get drunk because Peter – to know knowledge of the rest of us – decided to spike up her drink with a bit of extra alcohol.

The daiquiri was enjoyed while playing another Danish game called EGO, which is pretty much all about guessing what the other players think about pretty much any odd thing from their ability in curling to their number of partners. It is a great game, which is a new experience depending on whether it is played with close friends or new acquaintances.

Birthday 3

If you like Piña Coladas…

We then moved on to Piña Colada, which has a lot more rum in it than I ever thought it would, but oh my is it a great drink, and rum just meant we had more fun. This is officially when I had to begin to focus to play the games.

Hipster Peter posed in front of the new bar Rikke and I have established, which ended up a lot smaller after last night. No more rum and very little Grey Goose left, so next time someone comes to visit we know what we are wishing for.

Bring on the movies!Birthday 4

The Piña Coladas were as I said the real hard ones because of all the rum so today it makes no sense to me that this was the time we decided to play Master of the Movies, a game, for those of you who don’t know, with a large variety of movie questions. I felt very very unknowing compared to the others, but then I first got Mona Lisa smile and when no one knew the last name of of Mary from There’s something about Mary, I suddenly remembered that it was Jensen. So as Peter and I agreed:

“Well always have Mary Jensen”

Birthday 5Ulla Terkelsen enters.

For some unexplainable reason we decided that I should be a younger Ulla Terkelsen in the photo with the next drink; Sex on the Beach. I think it was because Ulla shows scepticism better than any other and the sex on the beach had a very suspicious colour.

Despite the colour the drink was great. It tasted sweet and not at all sandy as one might fear for something called Sex on the Beach, so the Ulla Terkelsen scepticism was not as waranted as expected.

Birthday 6

Is it contagious?

The thing about the almighty journalist Ulla Terkelsen is her passion for scarfs and several pairs of glasses. She has travelled pretty much anywhere in the world and knows a lot about a lot of places and things.

Gro followed up with a Terkelsen pose with the last kind of drink of the night, the Mai Tai. We all loved it and people continued drinking them, but then again who wouldn’t want to drink fresh Mai Tais in the middle of the night.

Birthday 7Colonel Mustard

I sort of won the Cluedo game, because that was the next game we decided to play. I guessed Professor Plum, in the dinning room with the gun. Unfortunately it turned out that we had put two people one murder weapon and no rooms in the case folder. So as it turns out it was both Professor Plum and Mr. Green who used the gun at some unnamed location.

My vote is for the basement, have you seen how dark and scary that place is? Totally a place of opportunity.

Birthday 8Because we aren’t nice people

As the end of the night grew nearer, because the dawn of the day grew closer, we each continued with our favourite drinks and then decided it was time for one of our favourite fames; Cards against humanity.

Basically it is a game about making up as horrible and funny card connections as you possibly can. As an example you could claim that Michael Jackson’s last thoughts were about laying an egg.
That will win you a point, but so will most holocaust jokes, though you are never certain even with a Sarah Palin or Justin Bieber anymore. Apparently. No I’m not bitter…

So that is how the night ended, with a bang and after hours of fun and games. Thank you so much to Gro, Peter and Rikke for making it an unforgettable night! Now I can’t wait for next year’s level up.

Games played

The game was a challenge at first, but I can’t wait for hours of fun in this game because you can play it with pretty much everyone. There is no one who knows more than others it is simply a question of connecting with the other players, without connecting too much and that is the true challenge in this.

I loose this game pretty much every time because my particular knowledge is not so much in geography, though mostly the answer for South America is Spanish or Spain.

The game that challenges what you think you know about someone else and what you might not even know about yourself. It is a great game and I definitely recommend all Danes to go out and buy it.

Master of the Movies
Well it is a game about movies, people connected to movies and places of interest to movies. Pretty much everything you can think of about movies and the world of Hollywood. Only downside is that it came out in 2005 and therefore makes it hard for someone like me to play.

Cluedo (or Clue as it is called in English)
Well it is always Colonel Mustard, it just is, even when it isn’t.

Cards Against Humanity
This game is the ultimate nerd game. It has everything and I so enjoy playing it when I do so with people who knows the references and who understands why holocaust jokes always win. It is unexplainable and so simple at the same time. I love this game more than I can ever explain.

Drinks drunk
Kir Royal
Blue Lagoon
Strawberry Daiquiri
Piña Colada
Sex on the Beach
Mai Tai




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