Oh, hi. I didn’t see you there.

Well, hello there.

We totally forgot all about you didn’t we blog? Well, fear not because I am back! Or I want to be back and therefore I’m sitting down in the middle of my tidy-up-my-room-project and writing something.

I would catch you up on the going ons of my life, but let’s be honest: nothing much happens. I work some, I try not to stress about my master thesis and then I hang out with my friends. So a pretty basic twenty something life. 

But I really wanted to share something that wasn’t a rant about how the train track broke last weekend when I absolutely had to catch a train to Aarhus. So instead I will be positive and focus on the nice spring weather that I can feel happening right around the corner. And I actually have some spring plans. I want to have a flower box on our balcony. The plan is to buy a box today when I’m in IKEA and then I have to find some soil and decide on which plants to plant. Diana want strawberries only, but I’m partial to some pretty flowers. Or maybe some herbs. I think this will be a success, because despite killing several house plants I have surprisingly green fingers. I once stepped on a chestnut and then planted it in some soil et voilà I grew a chestnut tree, so I think I can handle a small flower box. Hopefully.

Well, I guess that’s all I have to say for today.

Have a nice early spring day!


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