Special Guest: Peter – Another one bites the dust…

Well now, that everybody else have weighed, In with their opinion. I had better add my voice to , to the Oscar buzz.

So just like Gro, Diana and Rikke, I will post 9 films in three different categories, those three being:

  • Biggest disappointment
  • Expected to hate but really really liked
  • Expected to like and really liked

So without further ado here is the three films, which I personally feel should have been left out of this year’s Oscar nominations, even though I actually were looking forward to seeing these films:

1: Gravity

This film is a great technical achievement, the special effects are awe inspiring, and the soundtrack is stunning. However, I can’t help thinking of avatar, that to was a great technical achievement, but a bad film, and Gravity is exactly the same. Sandra Bullock can’t act even if her life depended on it, and her role is an insult to women everywhere. How the fuck can women not be insulted by her portrayal of “a strong woman” in space, she needs to be saved by either George Clooney or by imaginary George Clooney. Moreover, why oh why should George Clooney sacrifice his life for her, when all she does is try to kill herself.

2: American Hustle.

This film has everything, great actors, a great plot and a hell of a lot of action, but the film never becomes relevant or even mildly interesting. The film just feels long and weird. Why oh why, are the actors standing between rows and rows of clothes, and why is it that every time the movie becomes mildly interesting we have to cut to something not relevant to the plot at all, this films misfires on all the cylinders.

 And here I should put film number three, but I think I will follow Rikke’s lead and say that haters gonna hate.


3 films I expected to hate but really really liked:


1: Her

Welcome to your melted heart, everybody in this film should get an Oscar statuette and a big warm hug. If you only see one film this year watch this one, it’s heart warming, lovely and just great, and just for the record if Siri in my iPhone was voiced by Scarlett Johansson I would have sex with my phone oh so often.

2: Dallas Buyers Club.

This was the biggest surprise for me, I expected this film to suck the big one, I hate social realism films, and a film about a guy in Texas who contracts AIDS back in the 80’s, oh this film couldn’t be further from the films I usually watch. However this film blew my mind, everybody act’s like their life depended on it, and a lot of times you forget that you’re not watching a documentary.

3: Blue Jasmine

Let’s get one thing perfectly straight, I hate, hate, hate Woody Allen films, they are winded, weird and over pretentious. However Blue Jasmine is actually a great film, and a brilliant portrayal of a woman falling to pieces, both Cate Blanchett and Sally Hawkins, richly deserves their nominations. And not only is it a film with people acting their hearts out, it’s a film with an interesting story, and a great plot.


Films I Expected to like and really liked.

1: Frozen

Everybody loves Disney films (Expect Rikke but she is not right in her little unicorn head), and I love Disney for rethinking the role of the boring Disney prince. For rethinking love as the thing between sisters. But for sticking with what they know when I comes to sidekicks and wonderful weird characters, like the trolls and Olaf, but personally I love Sven the reindeer , and how much that reindeer can say without uttering one single word.

2: 12 Years a Slave

This film is exactly what it says on the cover, it’s emotional, it’s grand and there is a lot of great acting in it, all in all it’s just the film for everybody. It’s political without being boring, it’s action without being pointless and all in all it just have everything. And since Django unchained didn’t win last year this will be the year for the black emancipation films.

3: Ernest & Celestine

This is me being snobbish bore, but I love French cartoons, they usually tells a great story, with great figures and a funny almost playful way of drawing, and Ernest & Celestine is a chip of the old stone, its heart warming, poetic and funny. Please go and see this little gem, if this doesn’t win your heart then you need to see a doctor, because you’re heartless.

Finally I have a couple of things I feel like I have to mention:

Why the hell isn’t The butler nominated , and why isn’t Operah Winfrey nominated for her role in that film

Why isn’t I see fire from the hobbit nominated for greatest song, it’s a fucking shame, this was the song I would vote for In a heart beat.

And finally

Thanks to Rikke and Diana for being awesome and for hosting the Oscars, let’s do this again next year.

Love to all from the old man on the Internet


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