And the Oscar goes to…


It’s about to go down, this year’s Oscars will be handed out in a bit more than three hours. Rikke, Peter, Gro and I are so ready.

We all agree that the hosts on TV2 are not exactly the best there are, but this is after all what we must live with, and for sure it is better than nothing. As Peter says, at least the hostess’ boobs are almost falling out.

We have numbers for rating the dresses and made our picks both for the ones we believe will win and the ones we hope wins – because that is not the same.

So we I’ll be back during the night, where the blog will be update approximately with half hour intervals. Looking forward to spending the night with you all…

00:30 – Say yes to the dress

The red carpet is the big thing and we are being tough judges no doubt.

Since we are watching this on Danish TV the red carpet coverage is slightly lacklustre. But here are some of the dresses we’ve seen and judged on the red carpet run-down.

The top:

Portia de Rossi
Portia de Rossi - OScars 2014Jared Leto
Jared Leto - Oscars 2014Cate Blanchett
Cate Blachett - Oscars 2014Charlize Theron
(My absolute favourite of the night, she is so gorgeous!)
Charlize Theron - Oscars 2014Honorary: Julia Roberts
(Because she is Julia Roberts and she’s just damn pretty)
Julia Roberts - Oscars 2014

The bottom:

Lupita Nyong’o
(for the hair band – the dress was amazing)
Some people might find this slightly unfair but I really really didn’t like that stupid hair band.
Lupita Nyong'o - Oscars 2014The tinfoil dress (don’t know who wore it)
Since I don’t know who wore it I can’t find any picture of it.
noimageJessica Biel
86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Best dressed – age appropriate:

June Squibb
June Squibb - Oscars 2014Meryl Streep
I’ve added this after having seen the show, since this lovely lady was not shown on the red carpet, not only for a second. Such a shame.
Meryl Streep - Oscars 2014

Generally the coverage of the red carpet was terrible – so many people missing! Where are all the dames (including Streep)?


Ellen looks gooooood!

Ellen is funny and awesome.

The stage is a little ugly.


Anne Hathaway – The dress is beautiful but it doesn’t really work with the cameras..

Best actor in a supporting role: Jared Leto
Most people here are happy. Personally I had a soft sport for Mr. Fassbender.


Jim Carey looks good in the blue suit, but also rather old.


Pharell is wearing the hat. Social media is buzzing: Thr hat is back. Happy for sure.

How awesome is Meryl Streep for that dance!!!


Samuel L. Jackson is so great. He is like amazing.

Costume Design: The Great Gatsby
I am now on one point along with the others since I actually believed in this one. And she is also wearing a great dress herself!

Make up and Hair Styling: Dallas Buyers Club
Only Gro doesn’t have any of her heart winners having won yet. But we are okay with the choices for now.


Harrison Ford is the ultimate Indiana Jones. But he is still sporting the earring. Here we don’t appreciate it. We are suspecting drunkness. Maybe he is just old.


Sandra Bullock did not expect DeGeneres to show up right next to her like that.


This is what Botox does to you!

Short film – animated: Mr. Hublot
We are all okay with this, but I must admit that I did not think this one would win. I actually believed it would finally be Mickey Mouse.

Best animated feature film: Frozen


Sally Fields is gorgeous! And no one better to present the everyday heroes portrayed in the movies.


Joseph Gordon I love you!

Visual Effects: Gravity
I actually think this is the prize it should have. It is a visual film and that should be celebrated.


The moon song is really pretty but the Scarlett Johansson version in the movie is just that bit better and feel slightly more sigh worthy.


It’s time to cross your fingers!

Short film – live action: Helium
It is awesome, Denmark takes it again.  It was a really good movie so it is only fair.

Documentary short subject: The Lady in Number 6
I guessed it and it seems like a fair choice, though I must admit I haven’t watched it.


Kerry Washington really wants pizza. Who can blame her with that belly.

I love Bradley Cooper.

Fingers crossed again.

Documentary feature: 20 feet from stardom
We are feeling this is a slight bit of a scandal. There was so much more deserving documentaries, but maybe it is something American that we just don’t really get in their history.


Off screen there is apparently somewhat of a party in the Danish camp.


She does look a little pregnant. But we can’t think of that because the last Danish cheer of the night and crossed fingers is now.

Foreign Language Film:  The Great Beauty
Anyone having read the last few blogpost will know what sort of feeling there is about this right now. It is scandalous.


U2 has made a great song here, but not everyone in the room shares my opinion.


Selfie is the new black and that is the best moment on TV in a crazy long time. I love love love love it. Thank you Ellen for making this a great Oscar night.


It should not be legal to look that handsome together. Hemsworth and Theron are both great and dressed so fine for this awesome evening.

Sound mixing: Gravity
We almost all expected the Hobbit, but no such luck. I guess I can live with Gravity as long as it doesn’t get anything for the actual acting or anything such.

Sound editing: Gravity
Well surprise surprise, this category and mixing are like never the same.


We love us some Christoph Waltz!

Actress in a supporting role: Lupita Nyong’o
This was a tough one and we went so back and forth between her and Lawrence, but we all think it is fair enough. And that speech is making people aww.


There is actual pizza, I am in love with Ellen as a host.
Julia Roberts wants cheese, Brad Pitt handing out plates – this is so funny and awesome. Pregnant people need pizza.


Cinematography: Gravity
Another prize that I can accept and expected Gravity to get.


Film editing: Gravity
Hmm, I think Gravity should stop getting prizes.


Red ruby slippers are absolutely a must when making an ode to The Wizard of Oz.

Pink did an absolutely amazing job with this. Her voice is so unbelievably amazing.


Ellen as the good fairy. She is cracking me up. I have a bit of a girl crush right now.

Production design: The Great Gatsby
Have no opinion on this really.


In memoriam – it is the one thing you can always be certain of at the oscars.

Beautiful song as an end to this montage.


Idina Menzel I have so looked forward to this performance. Shaky start but she definitely picked it up.


Best original score: Gravity
It seems Gravity is taking home everything it can, which is beginning to make me nervous for some of the missing big prizes. I am really not a fan.

Best original song: Let it go
I am in love with this song so naturally I am so so happy that it won. Idina is such a great singer and performer. Also this is a great thank you speech/song.


Pharell’s hat and people giving out money. This is being my favourite host I can remember.

Writing – adapted screenplay: 12 Years a Slave
I am happy because I love this movie but naturally it is not what I guessed. I am loosing the poll grandly. Next year I’m following my heart.

Writing – Original screenplay: Her
YEAH! Happy happy happy in this room. Her has not been recognized even closely enough.


We are really not liking the Jolie dress.

Best Director: Gravity
I hope this is not pointing towards Best Picture because it will ruin this year for me.


Some people just carry themselves so well and Day Lewis is one of them!

Just don’t let it be Sandra Bullock

Actress – in a leading role: Cate Blanchett
She so deserves it. Sandra Bullock would have gotten this if Gravity was to win Best Picture right? #suckit

I am in love with Jennifer Lawrence.

Actor – in a leading role: Matthew McConaughey
Everyone guessed it and everyone were right. This is too long a speech. Some of it’s cute but too damn long.


It is best picture time and we are hoping pretty much for anything but Gravity, but mostly for 12 Years a Slave.

Best Picture: 12 Years a slave.
We are happy here. This movie is my personal absolute favourite of this year because it just touched me in ways I never thought it would. It deserves it so so much, and my believe in the Academy is kept.

The aftermath

This year was a really good Oscar year. Ellen was so great and the entire thing seemed so well made.


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