Special Guest: Gro – Hipster Much? At the Oscars

Firstly, thanks to Diana and Rikke for letting me be a guest on their awesome blog, you guys are the best!

My first contribution will a rant about the Oscars, something I have been doing ever since we all decided to do the “hipster thing”, making a night out of watching the Oscars together, but only after having watched the movies from all the major categories. Ever since I have been ranting, because that is what I do best.

As a gesture to Rikke and Diana, I have decided to spare you (the reader) of some of my pointless ranting, and actually try to theme the rant around specific talking points, that is relevant to the Oscars, so here goes nothing:

“What to watch and what to avoid when watching Oscar nominees, a Hipsters guide

This is a guide I have made based on the fact, that I consider myself a bit of a know-it-all, pretentious hipster type of person. This makes me qualified to make some suggestions to other likeminded people of what to watch, that they might have passed on otherwise, and at least give some warning about what they will probably watch, even though it will be a waste of time. And finally a short list of some things you should watch, that if you are hipster, you probably would watch anyway.

-Things you may not have considered watching that you absolutely should give a chance-

1. Ernest and Celestine

Ernest and Celestine

I know, it is an animation film for kids, but it gets loads of hipster points for being a movie for kids in French, and if you look beyond that, it is such a sweet and innocent story, which is beautifully captured by the style of the animation. It just leaves you smiling, and with some hope for humanity.


2. Dallas Buyers Club

Dallas Buyers Club

Yes, it is an all-American movie with people from Texas acting just as we suspected people from Texas would, but it is just so much more. For my money it was a crying shame that Dallas Buyers Club, or any of the actors in it, was not nominated for a BAFTA. This is the movie that just sucks you in, even though you do not want it to, and when you have watched it, you are one strong experience richer, and the experience stays with you for a long time afterwards. Not many movies can do that. And you will get to see what, in my opinion, is two of the strongest acting performances of the Oscar nominees, in Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto.

3. 20 Feet from Stardom

 20 feet from stardomYes I know, it does not get much more mainstream than this, at least in the documentary category, but I can spoil this much for you, there are no bad movies in the documentary category, you can safely watch all of them. And this is, despite the fact that it is about choir singers for famous people, really excellent. The story is engagingly told, the stories and angles it present are interesting, and the music is brilliant. I was very positively surprised, because I really thought that this would in no way be able to excite me even a little bit, but it proved me wrong.

-Movies that you probably will watch, being a hipster, but you should not waste your time on-

1. The Great Beauty

the great beauty

Yes, I know, this has everything going for it; it is Italian, it is about art, it has great scenery, and a scene with a Giraffe in the middle of Italian architecture, what can possibly go wrong?

Let me tell you what, it is as boring as it is long. I will grant it, it is beautiful, but it is never clear what it is the lead we are following are trying to accomplish, if anything, and the people around him never seem to leave a lasting impression on him, even though they seem like designed to do exactly that. Often there will be breaks between scenes, where there obviously has been something going on in-between, but you never really know what. Let’s just say that it required that I had to go to IMDB afterwards to confirm my suspicions about what the plot was supposed to be about, because the movie left me uncertain of whether there had ever really been a plot in the first place.

If watched as a sort of installation art thingy, it is quite good, but as a movie, it kind of sucks.

2. American Hustle 

American Hustle

Yes, a David O. Russell film, the guy who made one of the (in my book) biggest surprises last year, silver linings playbook that was really good, has now made something that on paper looks like a mix between old fashion “who cheats who” movies and a Coen Brothers epic story. Who considers themselves hipsters, without a lot of love for the Coen brothers type of movies?

And yes it is a critics darling also. And I do not think it was worth it.

Why? Because it fails on being a “Who cheats who” movie, since you never really question who will come out on top, and it fails in being a Coen epic, because it is epically long, but the script is somewhat filled with chatter that never really feels either relevant nor character enhancing. All the actors does a really outstanding job, with Amy Adams being the only one that falls slightly short, and especially the supporting actors, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and even Jeremy Renner (which I am not that fond of, normally), really does their best with what they have to work with. It is just not enough to save the movie from having way to many periods of me looking at my watch, or fading out to think about what we are having for lunch tomorrow. Basically put, it just isn’t tightly enough edited. They put too much stuff in, making the movie VERY long, and one of the longest (at least that is how it feels) movies I have watched.

3. Gravity


I will make this short, because I have already ranted extensively about this movie on my own blog. I know it is new and exciting ways of using the camera, the set and the special effects, yes granted it is. Please do not watch it anyway. I promise you, you do NOT want to see Miss Congeniality, in space, being absolutely clueless about what to do, and when to do it, every single step of the way (why did anyone ever send someone with absolutely no skills what so ever up in space, who authorized that?) , from one disaster to the next, but still by some miraculous wonder survive to the end of the movie, even though it really is undeserved. You will end up rooting for the surroundings, instead of Sandra Bullock, which is kind of a problem. And then it is the only movie that is under 2 hours long, and feels like it was about 5 hours too long…

-What you will probably watch, and damn well should too-

1. Her


I love Her. I was actually afraid that it would be kind of bad, but that is because I really do not like (making me a special case amongst hipsters) the typical indie quirky comedy movie, and this seemed to be another one of those. But Spike Jonze really won my heart over on this one. The story it tells is interesting, and the very personal angle it takes, riding solely on Joaquin Phoenix’s acting and Scarlett Johanson’s voice acting, is just perfect. I do not want to spoil anything significant, but even though I also have watched the Wolf of Wall Street, this was the movie with the best sex scene.

Really, just watch it, it will be amazing.

2. The Act of Killing

the act of killing

This is a Danish documentary about what happened in Indonesia years ago, and still in some form is happening today. That in itself is interesting, but what makes this documentary stand out, is that it uses a very clever Meta layering way to tell the story. It makes the people who then in cold blood shot people without any second thought, make a movie about the things they did then, expressed the way they want it to be shown, with their own creative abilities. What they make helps illustrate exactly how horrendous it is. It is hard to explain, but this way of creating a documentary, is just brilliant. One warning though, I was so nauseous while watching the movie, and afterwards, that I was not able to eat for hours. So please do not sit down with a lot of snacks to watch this movie, it would be a great mistake. But WATCH IT, it is maybe one of the best movies I have seen this year, even though it is a documentary.

3. The Square

The square

I know, another documentary, but documentary is very hipster, and the documentaries are just really great this year. This one is no exception. It is a Kickstarter project, published on Netflix, made by the Egyptians themselves, about what happened when Egypt blew up in revolution and violence, these past years. And it is as good as one could dream of it being. It is an involving story, giving insight to what really went on in Egypt at the time, and how the young people of Egypt used everything in their power, including social media, to make the revolution happen. It is really really really worth watching. It also tries to discuss what will happen in the future, and look at what happened, and what went wrong with the first election after the revolution. I was really taken by this movie.

That was it for my list, thanks again to Rikke and Diana for letting me rant a bit on their blog.


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