I love travelling but I hate public transport.

I know I already posted today, but I really have to share this because it is being such a craptastic afternoon.

I’m going on a weekend trip with my family and I am actually looking rather forward to it because it is an annual tradition and I so rarely see so many of the people that are coming.

I’ve begun my day with waking up rather early feeling well rested and ready for the weekend. I began packing and just spent time doing things in a slow speed and relaxing a little bit after two rather tough days. So I was in a good mood – emphasis on was. Since I didn’t have any cash I decided to take the train to Silkeborg rather than the bus. It would mean leaving home 15 minutes earlier but that is okay because the time it would take me to go to an ATM and back home would e more. This choice was obviously the worst one I’ve ever made. The city bus taking me to the train station was packed so I had to stand with my rather heavy bag for the entire time (which was 30 min) and then I reached the train station, I bought my ticket and sat down to wait. The time came closer and I was feeling good out in the fresh air. Then the avalanche of crap came rolling. The speakers started to scratch and a man’s voice came on stating the following

The 2:54 train to Silkeborg and Herning will be approximately 10 minutes late

My mind loaded with sarcasm I thought about how great that was. But I took a deep breath and just accepted that I would be a little late even though my mum already pushed back the arrival time an hour earlier today.

Time closed in on the ten minutes and the station was beginning to get a little crammed with all the people going home for the weekend. The speakers made the scratching sound again and the man’s voice came back on, this time with the following pathetic message:

The train for Silkeborg and Herning planned for 2:54 is unfortunately cancelled today, the next train leaving from this station will leave at 3:14

I know that this might not seem so bad but I will now arrive in Silkeborg 2 hours after leaving my home and this is a trip that takes 45 minutes by car.

And the train is naturally jam packed with people so I am sitting by the toilet that smells worse than a person having spent the last week at a festival.

I have so little energy left.


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