I wish I could write such a positive post while using public transport on the way home from work as Diana did yesterday. But I’m to wiped out to be that positive.

It has been nine long hours at work. Not nine bad hours, just long. I’ve had fun most of the day being a little goofy with Emma and meeting Mia. I’m feeling like I finally have the hang of all the new things that come with a new job. So again, it has been a good day. It has just been ever so long. And I’ve been on my feet for most of those nine hours so my feet are killing me.

The bus is almost at my stop, so this will be all. I’m just a short walk away from attacking the couch and relaxing for the rest of the evening.

Updated: Diana was on the couch when I got home, so now I’m sitting in a boring chair. Le sigh.