Special Guest: Pernille weighs in.

So the lovely Rikke and amazing Diana showed me their lists of men. I was surprised how few “real” men there were. I mean REAL men.

Bow chika wow wow, here they are, my men. Men that are allowed to eat crisps and cookies in my bed, any day- all day.

1.Jason Segel:


My first choice is Jason Segel. He doesn’t have the killer body, his look is not wow, like so many of the others you’ll find on my list. But he is tall, brown eyes and has humour. I rest my case.

2. Jared Followil


Bass player in Kings of Leon. Look at him – there’s just something about him that says bad boy.

3. Charlie Hunnam


Yummy.. first of all, he is British, loving the accent. Although he talks American and has long hair in Sons of Anarchy, he is B-E-autiful.

4. Gabriel Macht

gabriel macht

Come on, with that last name, you have to be amazing. And that he is. He has a smile/mouth that reminds me of the joker in Batman. Watch Suits and you’ll know what I mean. But non the less, he is beautiful. Those brown eyes.

5. Garrett Hedlund


Haven’t really seen that many movies with him. But he still made it on my list, and he is number 5. Why?! Well he’s easy on the eyes, that’s why.

6. James Franco

james franco

The thing with James Franco is that he’s better looking in movies than he is in pics.  He’s amazing, brains and looks, what’s not to like.

7. Alexander Skarsgaard


Swedish and tall. I think the reason I think he’s so hot, is because of his character in True Blood.

 8. Michael Fassbender


German and Irish actor, therefore a little on the ginger side. WHAT- I know, but look at him.

 9. Jamie Dornan


I love 50 shades of Grey. And very happy that he’ll play Mr Grey. Hot Damn look at him.

10. Justin Timberlake

justin tim

Love his music, he just keeps getting hotter.

 11. Gerard Butler


Scottish, best accent ever. Love him in 300. Imagine having him introduce you to his friends shouting THIS IS PERNILLE. Hell yeah, and you’re Gerard and hot.

12. Johnny Knoxville


Here’s Johnnyyyyy. Johnny has got a cool name. Johnny is pretty cool, and hot. Oh and his voice.

 13. Dave Franco

dave franco

James Franco’s brother- need I say more?!!

 14. Josh Duhamel


After watching Las Vegas, I’ve thought he was hot. Then in Transformers, even better. Then he marries Fergie…. well okay. He is charming.

 15. Mathias Schweighöfer


My German crush. He looks like a boy, but so fun and so very good looking. I know he is very blond.

16. Brandon Flowers


Dark hair, brown eyes and the lead singer in one of my favourite bands.

17. Mark Wahlberg


3 kings, Ted, Entourage, Calvin Klein model and raps Good Vibration. Enjoy the song. He is just cool.

 18. Justin Theroux

justin theroux

Respect to Jennifer Aniston. He rides a bike, has tattoos, amazing style and beard.

19. Jared Leto


Watching him in My So-called Life, thinking he was beautiful. Now 40 and looks like he’s 30, even better looking. He is a bit too skinny, but those eyes. HOT DAMN.

 20. Brody Jenner


My reality star. He is just hot – the end.

Those were the men. My men. My “dibs”. So bring on the crisps and cookies, I’m ready to share them with these beautiful creatures.

Thank you Rikke and Diana, this was fun. And Scheisse I felt like little girl again looking for the perfect pic  of the men.


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