Special Guest: Joanna weighs in.

First of all, I would like to thank Diana and Rikke for this fun opportunity of creating my own lists of THCOD.

When I look at the names I have written down, I see a hot mess. There are no patterns, the age spectrum goes from teenage to almost elderly, some names were probably never heard of for a lot of people. But these factors are also the things which make my lists kind of interesting? Yes? Maybe?

Anyway, let’s get down to business and let’s start with the gentlemen. My explanations will be short/very short because I mostly just go with the “yeah, I would” feeling.

1. John Simm

1Q4Us8d - Imgur

Number one goes to John Simm who stole my heart as the Master in season 3 of Doctor Who and then stole it even more in the specials because of the blond hair. The reason I knew he deserves the top spot is that he always comes first to mind when thinking about hot celebrities.

2. Harry Lloyd

196qO9y - Imgur

Gods bless this face. I really don’t know what else to say. Loved his psycho-alien kid in Doctor Who, loved his Viserys. I shall cherish this face.

3. Andrew Lincoln

wpJebpO - Imgur

He really got to me in The Walking Dead. I was hooked (both to him and the show). And when the show got bad (very bad even), I still had his handsome face to look at and lovely accent to listen to.

4. Rob James-Collier

fgU43ul - Imgur

His character on Downton Abbey is kind of “evil”. And gay. With lots of hair gel keeping his hair glued to the side. So not that much appealing. But all it took was an IMDB check and I was totally sold.

5. Andrew Scott

tRPrL3Z - Imgur

Moriarty was a brilliant character. And Andrew was brilliant as Moriarty. There’s just something about him – a great psychopath and an adorable dork in one

6. Mads Mikkelsen

gAYE5xg - Imgur

He is so good on Hannibal, it’s crazy. Elegant, classy, ever so clever. A great example of an older hot man. And age is an illusion anyway.

7. Rupert Graves

Atigabz - Imgur

Lestrade is my favourite Sherlock character (right next to Mycroft) and I have to be honest – a lot of it has to do with Rupert Graves being very good looking.

8. Iwan Rheon

NiPgNuO - Imgur

A bit of a Ugly Duckling story with this one. Started off as the awkward kid on The Misfits, ended up as the hottest one. Love his acting, love his eyes.

9. Richard Armitage

ERSHYrF - Imgur

The Hobbit movies have been disappointing for me. I also haven’t been liking Thorin so much. But take away all that make-up/hair/costumes and BAM – you get total eye-candy.

10. Tom Hardy

Z5w1Vnh - Imgur

I definitely prefer him less beefy (as I do with all men). He is hot and incredibly charming at the same time.

11. Torrance Coombs

Nwgeemc - Imgur

It’s his eyes. They make his face mesmerizing. So, so pretty.

12. Nathan Fillion

PU6Ah7Y - Imgur

His role on Firefly is reason enough. A very fine man.

13. Hugh Dancy

f83DdDH - Imgur

He’s adorable. And pretty. Add facial hair and we have handsome. Gotta love the versatility.

14. Liam Neeson

IWrcmDd - Imgur

What can I say? I may be a few years late with this choice but who cares. Liam Neeson is THE man.

15. Viggo Mortensen

70G9UF9 - Imgur

Again, probably a few years late. But I don’t care because it’s Viggo. Who doesn’t love Viggo.

16. Christopher Waltz

RYerI3T - Imgur

Continuing the older gentleman spree, we have this charming, classy, talented, handsome subject. I am not ashamed.

17. Joe Dempsie

uFNm8f8 - Imgur

Loved him on Skins. Love him in Game of Thrones. I remember the whole “When did Joe Dempsie get THIS HOT?!” discussions on Tumblr. Well, it doesn’t really matter when, only that he did. He did indeed.

18. Kit Harington

GzOHz2I - Imgur

Now Jon Snow isn’t my favourite character on Game of Thrones but I cannot deny Kit’s good looks. And chest.

19. Todd Lasance

VZTpwmV - Imgur

Solely for his role on Spartacus and mostly because of how he looked in the show. It’s the John Simm as blond Master legacy (aka blond guys can be hot) that got him on here.

20. Miles “Daydreamin” Hoard

Lqz9Jnb - Imgur

Now this is someone who will cause “WTF” faces. He is a professional League of Legends player currently playing for Team Coast in North America. I just have a huge soft spot for him because he’s just so cute and his smile brightens up a room.

So, there you have it. This actually not that easy to make! Hope you enjoyed. The ladies list is next!


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