Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.

As every reader should have noticed the blog changed appearance over night. The attentive reader will also notice that the tags and categories have been cleaned up and streamlined for your pleasing. It has taken Rikke and I the entire weekend, but now it is finally ready. People might wonder why we choose to do such a thing, why spend so much time on something that doesn’t matter that much? To those people I will say, it does matter. And in some way it is not me procrastinating from writing my master thesis, because I am writing about the internet, media, technology and business development – SEO, which is what we have been focused on, is absolutely business development. So all I’ve been doing really is research – or at least that is what I tell myself.

Well back in November 2012 Rikke proposed a Christmas clean up of the blog and it has taken us well over a year to contemplate it. But here are the results of our two days of hard work.

  • We no longer have duplicate tags, such as “list” and “lists”.
  • Almost all of our tags are capitalised – some are not because of slug issues.
  • “The Hot Celebrity Ownership Divider” is no longer our most used tag, it is now “List” – all of 10 uses separate them.
  • We apparently like to write about either our Friends or the TV show Friends because that tag has been used all of 21 times.
  • Our top ten tags are: List, Friends, The Hot Celebrity Ownership Divider, Birthday, True story, Work, University, People suck, Internet and Music.
  • Our 11th most used tag is Magic Mike, which I felt would be sad to leave out.
  • There are 262 tags, which have only been used once.
  • There are 508 tags in all, and before the clean up there were well over 1100.
  • Nolan Ross have still only got 4 tags – as did he in November 2012, whereas Dolly Parton now has one fewer tags, so she is now at 5.
  • We talk equally of Summertime Blues, Cake and Movies, which all have 4 tags.
  • The “Declan is an idiot” tag no longer exist.
  • Our categories have been cut down to 20.
  • The top five categories are: Us, Craptastic, Awesome, The Hot Celebrity Ownership Divider and Challenge.

So here it is, the new and likely improved Strings of Thoughts. Hope you all like it, but if you don’t it is really your own problem, because we are not changing it back.


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