When growing older no longer hurts.

Growing older is not just a process or chemical reaction in your body, it is also coming to terms with having a flatmate at the age of 26 (going on 27). It is coming to terms with settling down and realising what you want in your life. It is knowing that you haven’t grown up until you can act childish. Generally I have had somewhat of a hard time with this whole growing older thing for a while, especially after moving to Aarhus and starting a masters degree I’d have rather done without in the first place. Mostly the hard part has been moving away from friends and starting a whole new life, as I’ve felt I’ve done so many times already. Lately though, as student life has been drawing closer to it’s end I’m realising something. Growing up doesn’t mean that you have to keep leaving some life behind and starting over again and again. It has been like that because starting a new school has seemed a whole new life, but it isn’t what growing older is.

I’m realising as I’m about to start the rest of my life that I’ve been living the rest of my life this entire time. My friends are still my friends, probably even more so now than ever. I am realising that the chase for happiness and 100 friends is not really life. Life is having a few people you trust absolutely 100% with your life. It is having a few people in your life that you call when you are happy, sad, indifferent, bored or just want to talk for the hell of it. And it is having those people feel the same way about you.

friendshipI have spent a large part of my life thinking people grew happier with the amount of their friends. Everybody thinks that in the high school years, because somehow that is what society tells us, even more so with the growing online lives people lead.

I am grateful to have friends all over the world. And there are more than a handful. They have all made my life what it is today in one way or another, and I love them for that. Truth is though that I will most likely not talk to them 10 years from now, when I have a family of my own (maybe) and a job that requires my attention every day.

Though today I was reminded that I do have friends that will stick with me. Even if we don’t see each other every day or even talk every day. Even if we live in different cities or even countries, there are a hand full (maybe even a few more than that – because I am really a lucky girl) of people that I know for sure are in my life to stay. They are the people that I call when I have good news to share and who is always there when the news are less than good. But back to today because I had some news that made me perfectly happy with growing older, with having fewer friends, but close ones. One of these close friends asked me (and Rikke) to go dress shopping for her wedding dress with her. I swear I almost cried (might even have shed one or two tears). Even though I don’t get to spend every day with my friends I am still as lucky to have someone who wants to share something as special as shopping for her wedding dress with me and that to me means the world. This is the friends we should all have in our life, because it is amazing to know that even though it is just a hand full of people, there are someone out there ready to share their best and worst moments with you. Someone who will break traditions and watch the Oscars with you, someone who will make new traditions with you in forms of anti-valentines day or cinema Tuesday or even just agree with you that Pancake day is important to celebrate.

So this turned out a bit longer and slightly more sentimental than I anticipated, but I guess what I really just want to say is a big fat THANK YOU! to the people that knows me and loves me for who I am, and that I intend to love for many years to come. So somehow my anti-valentines day instead turned into I love my friends day, because really friends are so much more than a boyfriends, they are family.


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