I’m only sort of a stalker…

So I’ve looked into it and it seems I have not posted anything since December 16th even though I’ve contemplated many a post in my head. Even this post have been rumbling around in my mind for a while, but then something new has happened and I think it will turn out to be something completely different from what I first expected it to be.

The original though behind it was any excuse to post this:

Move aside b*tches
No one can be surprised that I found this since it is both Aaron Tveit, Les Misérables and Oscars all in one. Three of my favourite things.

So I was going to write about how amazing musicals are and how much I am totally in the mood for a musical January, but somehow that all melted away Yesterday when I decided to buy my new favourite album. Aaron Tveit – The Radio in My Head: Live at 54 Below. I have one thing to say (which also happens to be my favourite word): AWESOME!

Generally I think I am falling into the category of stalker. Well not that I am constantly trying to find out what he is doing right now or anything, more in the Internet sense, which is made very difficult by him not having any social media accounts.

I learned from the album that Tveit is pronounced very strangely. Apparently the English language does not know the sound of a T followed by a V, a sound that Danes are definitely very familiar with. So at the moment I am trying to come to terms with that.

I feel like I should apologise for this post turning out very strange, this what not what I set out for, I promise… well almost not.

But let’s focus on the music rather than the person because that is what truly makes my knees buckle. Well that, and seeing him shirtless on Graceland.

I have absolutely fallen in love with this fantastic number:

Anyone who doesn’t think that number is the original meaning of amazing should honestly have their hearing checked out.

But just to end this post of with something that might be what others called some sort of sense, since the rest of this was just an excuse for me to Google (images naturally), YouTube and re-watch clips of TV-shows containing Aaron Tveit, I would like to note that I am actually on a good roll with the musicals. I have watched RENT, since one never gets tired of that, and I have bought the Les Mis movie along with the full length books (which I for some reason did not already own). So I will make a promise to you, as I so often do and regret the following day (sometimes within hours or even minutes), I will be watching two musical movies/recordings, at a minimum, every month for the rest of 2014. So be prepared to be bombarded with my reviews and such the rest of the year. I will write about RENT as soon as I get to watching my second of this month.

Always remember that suggestions for movies/recordings to watch are welcome.


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