This is a tough one to complete.

DISCLAIMER: This is a very long post due to the number of subjects I have to go through, and will therefore take up a lot of your time.

Back during the last days of October Rikke and I both promised Gro we would prioritise the guys on our Hot Celebrity Ownership Divider list. This task has been in the back of my mind ever since, and particularly the death of Paul Walker made it a little hard to do because how do you grade a dead guy! How one make something as superficial and silly as this, respectful of a guy who is no longer here. I guess the answer is it doesn’t. THCOD is a silly and ridiculous list from Rikke and I and I relly hope people understand that and looks at it like that.

But back to what this is really about. I could easily rank Rikke’s guys and she could probably rank mine just as easily because neither of us would have anything at stake.

I see a future where switching the guys on the list with new ones will be a little easier since number 20 should obviously be the guy to go, though the new one still needs placing. So yeah what I am really trying to say is that I have now finally gotten to the place where I will attempt to make this stupid list I promised about a month and a half ago.

Gro you better enjoy it!

I’ll begin from the top because honestly I, as of this writing moment, still have no clue how to order the second half of the list. But here goes.
(Edit: as it turns out after I begun the prioritising I had no clue how to deal with the top part either and there was a lot of switching places around until the list finally made sense.)

1. Aaron Tveit
Aaron Tveit

So my top pick is Aaron Tveit. Because he has all the qualities I look for in a celebrity crush. He has a killer smile, piercing eyes and even though it is not visible in the picture he has a very nice body also.

BONUS: random facts about Mr. Tveit includes him not having any social media accounts, he is a theatre and musical actor at heart, and in my opinion he is extremely talented, so people would be stupid to ignore him in the future.

2. Eddie Redmayne
Eddie Redmayne

Second we find another musical actor and this time he is also British, which definitely helped him placing second. Anyone having followed the blog will know that I cannot help myself falling for the British accent, and with Mr. Redmayne there is also the amazing singing voice and the fact he is the first Marius ever to make me completely in love with Empty Chairs at Empty Tables just made me crush that much harder on him.

BONUS: Eddie Redmayne has played in a few Shakespeare plays and won an award for his role as Richard II. Once more I believe he is unbelievably talented and definitely has a  great future ahead.

3. Chace Crawford
Chace CrawfordChace Crawford takes third place because who would not want to jump tight into that bed and lie next to this piece of man meat (I never claimed to be anything but superficial). The pretty boy with a naughty edge has always been my Achilles heel.

BONUS: The bonus info here is of the sadder kind, because on New Years Eve 2011 the hot star fell (he was probably drunk on Tequila – and I can totally relate to that) and hurt his lip, but then who doesn’t like a guy with a scar (though I guess technically his lip-thing is not a scar).

4. Ryan Reynolds
Ryan ReynoldsAnother one of what others might call a pretty boy, but that is how I like them and Ryan Reynolds has been a long time crush. His movie appearances is just up my alley because I like me my romantic comedy-ish movies. And that is this guys speciality. But also look at his eyes! How can one not melt with just one look from those eyes.

BONUS: As bonus info it can be mentioned that he is married to Blake Lively who is former co-star to this list’s number 3 – Chace Crawford.

5. Channing Tatum
Channing TatumChanning is at number five, absolutely not for his amazing talent as an actor but simply because he has killer abs (I take superficial to new levels every day). I first encountered these abs in the movie She’s the man where he lays a guy scared of talking to girls so he has to talk about cheese and he had me at Gouda.

BONUS: Mr. Tatum as a really good dancer, which has also landed him roles in Step Up and other movies where he is often seen dancing. Double bonus: Magic Mike is loosely based on Tatum’s past as a stripper.

6. Bradley Cooper
Bradley CooperI love myself a blue eyes guy and Bradley Cooper definitely has that. I also appreciate a guy who can wear a suit and not look like a boy at his Bar mitzvah / Confirmation, which Mr- Cooper also pulls off very very nicely. All in all I adore him for his bad boy roles where he always manages to pull it back in at the end and show that he is truly what who ever actress playing opposite him needs.

BONUS: Bradley Cooper has, as well as Channing Tatum and Ryan Reynolds been named sexiest man alive by People magazine.

7. Paul Wesley
Paul WesleyWe have reached number 7 and I am presenting the second CW guy on the list (which I think I should be credited for when you consider my history with the guys on the CW). Paul Wesley is another of my blonde haired guys, whom I love so much and he has won me over with his nice guy role as Stefan Salvatore.

BONUS: Paul Wesley is born to Polish parents so he is also my second European on the list, the first being English Eddie Redmayne of course.

8. Tim Mison
Tom MisonTom Mison is a rather new addition to my 20 men list but still takes an 8th place with his stunning British accent that manages to make me forget his terrible long hair in his role as Ichabod Crane on Sleepy Hollow. I just can not help myself with that accent.

BONUS: Tom Mison is another actor of the stage, and also writes plays, which can only be amazing.

9. Drew Fuller
Drew FullerI first came across Drew Fuller when he played future son of Piper on Charmed, back then he had terrible hair, so I never really noticed him (Yes hair is very important to me so live with it). I rediscovered him in a role with a lot less hair when he played soldier in Army Wives and did it brilliantly.

BONUS: Mr. Fuller’s bonus info might explain my fascination, because though he does not have an British accent he does have both Scottish and English ancestry.

10. Ben Barnes
Ben BarnesAnother Brit has made the top ten and though he played a long haired (I apparently pick a lot of people who has ugly long hair at some point in their career) prince in two Narnia movies and also has long hair in Dorian Gray I will find him a total hunk (to use teenage terms). He has the accent, the lovely eyes and the killer smile. But he has had long hair for much of his career so tenth is all he could master.

BONUS: Mr. Barnes is another stage actor but he also dabbles in the world of song and was actually one of the singers in Hyrise, a band in the running for representing the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2004.

11. Dean Geyer
Dean geyerThough people having watched Glee might think this is where I know Dean Geyer from they would be wrong. I fell in bedazzlement of him on Terra Nova, an unfortunately only one season long show. He played the you in love soldier who often secretly saved the day, and honestly he can save my day whenever he feels like it.

BONUS: Dean Geyer is another singer and foreigner (okay technically all on the list are foreigner since I am Danish and there is not a single Dane on here) with a sexy accent. He claims it is South African, but it sounds Australian to me, which is also where he grew up.

12. Michael Trevino
Michael TrevinoI was very unsure of Trevino’s placement on the list, but then I took one look at his abs and remembered why he was part of my 20 men in the first place. So he landed himself on the 12th place by being a sexier werewolf than any other I can think of.

BONUS: Michael Trevino is of Mexican decent, which makes him normally not my type at all because I do like the blonder Scandinavian look, but then I once more remember his abs.

13. Ian Somerhalder
Ian SomerhalderMy third Vampire Diaries guy and therefore also another of a few CW guys. Ian Somerhalder is a bit of a trouble for me because I like it when he is the bad and mean guy he so often plays on Vampire Diaries but when he attempts the good guy he falls in my opinion so hence the place of 13 on the list.

BONUS: Somerhalder is a busy philanthropist who believes in leaving this world in a better state than he entered it, be it animals, nature or people.

14. Alex Pettyfer
Alex PettyferUndoubtedly the youngest guy listed, but when he can wear a suit like this how can I not keep him on. Besides he is another of those lovely guys who catch me with his British accent. I have not much more to say, but the age make it number 14.

BONUS: Mr Pettyfer and I share the number of tattoos we have, which is currently seven for both of us.

15. Jack Davenport
Jack DavenportI can’t explain it. I can’t mention any of the roles he played that I actually liked, he is talented though, and the only explanation is the accent again. Damn that damned accent.

BONUS: Spent the first seven years of his life on Ibiza.

16. Paul Walker
Paul WalkerI never really liked the baggy clothes and the unkept curly hair he sported in the first few Fast and Furious movies, but then suddenly he appeared clean cut and in a suit actually looking like he was going to make something of himself, and a clean cut boyish charmed man in a suit, how can I resist.

BONUS: A friends of mine once had a friend who lived next door to Paul Walker.

17. Darren Criss
Darren CrissSo I’ve already presented a few guys that could sing, but Darren Criss and his voice place themselves at a solid 17th place on the list. He has a silly side that I love but he is slightly too hipster to make it further up the list at this point. But actually he is one of the few people I like with a bit longer hair, when he really let his curls show I can’t help finding that sexy.

BONUS: Darren Criss is as multi-cultural as they come as he is of no less than Irish, Chinese, Spanish, and Filipino descent.

18. Shemar Moore
Shemar MooreJust look at those biceps. He also plays very protective FBI agent on Criminal minds, who is very very close friends with the geeky and slightly crazy Garcia. So he makes me feel like anyone can land a good looking guy like him.

BONUS: Shemar Moore lived in Denmark from the age of one until the age of four because his mother was a teacher here, and technically his first language was Danish!

19. Stephen Amell
Stephen AmellI watched Arrow and the people behind that show really knew/know how to make those abs stand out. So once upon a time is still on my list and that is an achievement in itself.

BONUS: He is married to (then) annoying America’s Next Top Model contestant Cassandra Jean.

20. Matt Long
2010 Winter TCA Tour - Day 4I watch my chick flicks and then sometimes I find myself crushing on a random guy from these movies because they have that killer boyish character to them. Matt Long is definitely a guy that has landed himself on the list from that.

BONUS: His zodiac sing is Taurus.

So here they are, my 20 guys in order of preference. I imagine the list might change from time to time, when people are added I can change what ever I want. That is my prerogative! I hope you enjoyed the pictures at least, who ever you are.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. P. Borby says:

    wauv 20 guys and 19 placements since you have two guys sharing second place, you have done this good and proper.

    1. D. Kohler says:

      It is now edited. I switched around quite a bit so some have been bumped up and down in the process of writing!

  2. groschenlein says:

    Ohh Diana, it was an absolute joy to read your post, If Rikke posts her list as well, it will be almost like Christmas came early this year 😉

    With that said I think I have done you a great favour, becauce now it will be so much easier for you to figure out who should get the boot when you need to make room for a new guy on you list. So I really think a thank you to me would be in order (yeah because I am the one who had to do all the work of making the list – or not…)

    Again thank you for a great read, as so many times before, but especially thank you for this one, since it is based on a request I made…

    1. D. Kohler says:

      You might have done me a favour that will pay off in time but it took me more than three hours to write the post yesterday so it must be a very long term investment. I had to find all the perfect pictures that showcased exactly which “version” of the guy it is that has made feel fall in bedazzlement with them and then I found all the “fun”facts/bonus info about all of them.

      But I do thank you because I had a great night writing this when I finally decided how to rank them, and finding pictures was an absolute treat.

      Besides Rikke now knows, as certain as I do with Ryan Gosling, that she will never get neither Aaron Tveit or Eddie Redmayne because the chance of them ever reaching the bottom of the list is extremely slim.

      1. R. Henneberg says:

        Life is a bitch and then your friends call dibs on the hot guys.

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