Dear Readers of Strings,

Something has changed in real life which might effect how this blog will run for the foreseeable future. I’m sorry I’m making this sound way more dramatic than it really is. Way more. I’m really just trying to tell you that my dear co-blogger and I have moved into the same apartment! This might affect the nature of our posts, but then again, we’ve always been posting some pretty weird and not at all coherent stuff here, so maybe not.

Looking back at when Diana posted the first post on the 3rd of November in 2011, so much has happened! Back then we lived in different countries and time zones with me in England and you in Denmark! Then I moved back to Denmark and after a while we started living within a ten minute walk form each other. Then I moved back to Herning for a little while and now we’ll officially be roommates again! This hasn’t happened since we lived in Vienna. Oh, good old Vienna, I miss you sometimes. Okay, stop it Rikke, we do not have time for you to go out on a tangent right now.

I really ought to be writing my portfolio for my internship report, I should be preparing to go talk to the bank tomorrow, take a shower, buy Christmas presents and other important life stuff, but I’m not. I’m writing a blogdate because it is more fun. And according to Allie Bosh of Hyperbole and a Half it helps me to NOT become a serial killer.

procrastinator award
Always do what you got to do to avoid becoming a serial killer!

So, yes, I wanted to tell you that I’ve moved into the other room in Diana’s apartment, but it turned into a slightly rambling mess. Sort of like life. It is a metaphor! Aha! Saved by making sense in the end. Again.

Love Rikke.

P.S.: Have a nice 3rd Sunday of Advent to those who celebrate it.


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