I know I am, but what about you?

So I know why I’ve been MIA lately. I’ve even tell you in list form – because we love lists here at Strings!

  • A stressful last week at my internship with all the little projects and things I had to make sure were finished or ready to hand over.
  • Then I went into exam frenzy. Since I had to prepare for my English Grammar, Semantics and Pragmatics reexam. Very stressful
  • No, seriously. I did it yesterday, and since it is a twelve hour exam and there was more than enough to do this is what I looked like:
    bruce almighty
    This was actually put on the Business and Social Science’s student life Tumblr on the day of my exam. (Which was yesterday.)

  • Christmas is near so I had to spend time with my family – whom I love and adore – doing Christmas traditions. (My dad and I actually got out of going to the Christmas Bingo in our small village. I plead exam preparation and he grumbled something about the garage, but in the end we just watched television.)
  • Speaking of television I’ve also been catching up on my shows. I still have shows where I haven’t started the new season. I’m looking at you, Homeland and Revenge.
  • I also helped my Grandmother to better understand her iPhone. So I scored some extra karma points.
  • And lastly and probably most importantly, I’ve been lazy.

So there it is. My excuses. No, wait! Let’s call them reasons. Reasons sounds better than excuses. Now, what’s your excuse, ehm, sorry, reason?


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