There are at least two rules that should always be followed!

It can’t really come as a surprise to anyone that I absolutely love watching a wide variety of TV shows. Most of them I can watch when I feel like at even though there is normally somewhat of a tradition to watch some shows on specific days and even some that are just better during the weekend than during the week.

Some shows are easy to watch and require little engagement as the viewer, some require moderate engagement, or get it even though they don’t require it. Then there are some that one simply need to participate in when one watches them.

At the moment though I am finding myself watching my shows, which are approximately 18 or so, at random. Some I haven’t really been keeping up to date with and others I watch immediately. When deciding what to watch though, I have found that there are at least two rules that must be followed at all times.

1. NEVER ever watch Bones while eating.

Bones always have some disgusting murder/accident/body part/flesh-eating bacteria incident. Or the two newest incidents: A bug growing in Hodgins’ neck and body parts found in cans of stew. Honestly no matter how many episodes I’ve watched, no matter how far along in the episode I am, I can be absolutely certain that the second I have put any sort of food in my mouth something absolutely and truly gross WILL happen. Still I somehow manage to often turn on an episode just as I’m sitting down for dinner og lunch or an afternoon snack. Obviously mu short term memory is rather poor!

2. Don’t watch Criminal Minds after dark.

I am the sort of person who scares rather easily and therefore never watches scary movies because I will end up with nightmares for weeks. I have ended friendships because people have send me those videos where you have to look really closely at the screen for something and then something scares you suddenly. But despite all of this I love my crime shows and Criminal Minds in particular. I manage because let’s face it it is still just a TV show. The problem arises during the Winther when it becomes dark almost already at 4 in the afternoon and I really watch my shows mostly at night. It becomes very difficult to not watch Criminal Minds, but I so need someone to protect me when I go to bed and I don’t have that. The fact is though that I most probably will continue to get my weekly Criminal Minds fix in the light og the candle on with the wind blowing in the dark outside; Murderers or not.


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