Diana and The Others in The Chaotic Skype Call.

When that headline popped into my mind I couldn’t resist. Yes, apparently you are the lead singer in the imaginary band that Mai’s Morten unwittingly named when he referenced us as something other than The Kogle Ladies. And the nature of our Skype quickly gave way for the made up movie in which our imaginary band stars.

This is the cover for our album.

Anyway, I’ve picked out the best topics for general consumption.

  • J-Day featuring tequila
  • Nordic Baltic Gala with a hangover
  • Thor 2 with Tom Hiddleston obsessed Anna and a bonus Diana
  • Exam issues due to the by now standard communication issues of the university
  • Work trip to Slovakia and learning to sewing shoes
  • Customer services experiences with nice customers who don’t understand what you are trying to tell them.
  • Job interviews featuring a fever
  • Knitting Workshops with a famous Finish knitter in Amsterdam
  • Cat baptism at a LAN Party
  • The event organizer’s panic attack and how to survive it
  • Fruit and Vegetable Animals
  • The importance of food at Christmas lunches.
  • Not losing in miniature golf
  • The weirdness of having had the last university lecture ever,
  • The awesomeness of having a mentor
  • Roommate Agreements, theme songs and Pink Fluffy Unicorn’s flag.

I miss all of us being in the same city, but I’ll settle for us being in the same country. It will happen again soon. I can feel it in my fingers. I feel it in my toes.


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