Go away.

Time flies and I don’t like that. I need for December to go away so I can have more time before 2014 rolls around. I need a month between November and December the same way I need a day between Saturday and Sunday: desperately!

I have so much I need to do before we hit the beginning of December and then December just happens so fast like it usually does, so I’m seriously running out of time.

not now
I wish I was screaming NOT NOW because I was face deep in a pie eating contest, but sadly no. I’m just screaming because I’m frustrated.

My internship ends on the 22nd of November and I still have so much to do. No, not that I have to do, things that I want to do. And in general I just feel like I don’t have the time to do all the things I have to do. That I need to do. That I want to do. Gah, how can everything up until August be so slow and as soon as we hit September time just speeds up.


I feel like complaining that time flies makes me sound old, but dammit it is true. The time flies part, not the me being old part. There for I have written a small note to time:

Dear Time,

Go fuck yourself.

Love Rikke.

Also our “Use ten The Big Bang Theory GIF’s” challenge have come to an end. And this time I couldn’t be bothered to make a dance party, so this will have to do.


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