Yes you read it right. It says ‘Dat ass’! I know it’s been a while since we have talked about that, and even though you might think this post is about Rune, it is not. It is not about he who must not be named either. No this post is about my brother. My little brother. I thought about saving this for later in the post, but I think it would be a very confusing post if I did.

I recently learned that my brother is now “Dat ass”.

All you can do is just smile and wave.
All you can do is just smile awkwardly.

So I was sitting in my brothers apartment when he started telling me about how Vibeke had told him he had a nice ass (obviously she was really drunk) and had gotten a whole bunch of girls to scream “nice ass” when he was bartending last week. I do realise that my brother is not ugly or anything but still I find it very hard to comprehend how he is now the equivalent to our time’s “Dat ass”. I don’t appreciate my brother being objectified in such a manner. I would never do that to someone elses brother (unless be they “Dat ass” or “He who must not be named”).

So really this is nothing but me venting about my frustration as an older sister, who is very protective of her little brother and not really moved beyond the denial stage that is: “My brother has not grown up”.

P.s. for those of you who don’t know my brother is 22 and it is acceptable enough for girls to like him…