It is Monday once more and that means a whole day of brain function 50%. That is the rule of Monday. It means misreading statements and bad grammar. Monday is a terrible state. The following story occurred not on a Monday though! But it could have just as well been.

I was browsing the Internet as all hard working University students do on a random morning/afternoon/evening/late night, when I suddenly thought I saw the phrase “The dark side of spooning”. So there I was wondering if there is a dark side to spooning, which meant me reading the sentence again and being mighty disappointed since that is not what the sentence read at all. The real sentence is of no importance to this story so I will leave it out of this. But really there cannot be a dark side to spooning. Why would  my brain consume such a thing.

Believe in the magic of spooning
Believe in the magic of spooning

The sentence that didn’t exist had a place in my mind now, and a very prominent place it was indeed. This led me to Google and before I knew it I had results. Three of them were important enough to notice (and really after the three it becomes more results about the bright side of spooning).

  1. First of there is a few results that leads to some game (I presume) Minecraft and gives me the sentence “Spooning with Sp00n”. I have not dared to look further into this so I cannot say much more about it.
  2. Another fellow blogger also posted about the dark sides of spooning (being a guy). This post leads me to believe that the dark side is mostly applicable when being a guy.
  3. The third result proved my previous believe wrong, as it is a video outlining the flaws of the art that is spooning. (I have to warn you, this video is a little explicit.)

So now I feel like I’ve been enlightened. There are actually darks sides of spooning, though I do believe they are all worth it. And the point of this post? Absolutely no idea!