I wonder…

So I said aye and am now supposed to cut two people of my list. Unless one of the men I have on their now decides on an operation to become a woman, in which case I have a vacant spot, but that one we can get to some other time.

I am still considering who to cut as I am writing so I have no clue where this post is heading, but I would like to complain over the fact that you led me to believe James Lafferty would be one of your first cuts and he is not. I feel betrayed and absolutely in chock from your choices. The fact that you have yet a vacant spot before you once more must cut one is very hard for me to grasp. I guess I will just have to live with my mistake a little longer. But before I get off this issue I would like to point out that your CW reasoning also goes for Mr. Lafferty – thank you very much!


This is really a difficult one, because as I am going through my list, I am not exactly picky. Naturally that says something about me, but probably also something about the list in general and the fact that a maximum is a really good idea. I had to choose though and so I have chosen two.

First off Robert Buckley must go. I have now spent somewhat 20 minutes trying to figure out how he got on the list in the first place, and I simply can’t find it. My best bid is that he somehow got mixed in there with the rest of the CW bunch that  surrounds him on my list. He does have a killer upper body, but let’s face it, he looks way to much like a man for him to be on y list. Despite the fact that he was one of the few cast members that got me to keep watching 666 Park Avenue for as long as I did (which was I think 4 episodes).

My second choice was a lot harder for me to chose because honestly there are a few that I can let go without shedding any tears. My choice has fallen on Daniel Lissing though. I did consider Stephen Amell for a short while because I found out the other day that he is apparently in a relationship with an America’s Next Top Model alum that I really didn’t like. Though Daniel Lissing is the better choice. I think it was once more the accent that got me, and my love of bad boys that got this guy on my list in the first place. So he is now gone.

I have previously mentioned my lack of pickyness but I really need to get me a minimum standard before I just randomly add people.

But after our last few posts I have been wondering:
Non pathetic people

So maybe we should stop talking guys for a little while?


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