Rikke + Math = Disaster.

So I think I’ve lost the ability to count. Because I thought that I had done the math and that I had to remove two guys. But now as I am recounting my list for the new and improved THCOD page I only have nineteen guys and not twenty as I thought I would have. Turns out counting is too difficult for me to master. I even put all of my guys in a numbered list just to make sure I didn’t miscount again because I’ve been counting names for five minutes now to see if I was right the first time or the second time. So now I’m just confused and unnecessarily stressed out over math. I don’t need this right now.

stupid brain
I feel like I need a bigger slap than what Sheldon give himself here, since I failed at counting. As in one, two, three, four, etc.

So now have a dilemma. Do I put either Misha or Shane back on the list or do I add someone new? I’ve already come to terms with them not being part of my list any more, but who do I add to this once in a lifetime spot where no one will be removed in return. I do have someone in mind, but I was also prepared to make the case for the removal for one of my current guys. I feel like this is a special place, almost like a place of honour, so I need to find someone who is worthy of this great honour.

I don’t know what to do. Well, except for practising my math skills by sitting in the corner while shamefully trying to learn how to count proper. Friday night, I will rock your world.


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