Bye bye bye.

Okay, so I’ve given it some thought – I haven’t lost any sleep over it, since I’m pretty sleep deprived as it is, I can’t afford to lose sleep over it – and I am ready to give up two guys from The Hot Celebrity Ownership Divider. I also want to present you how we could end up if we were not to limit ourselves. We could end up like Penny: so completely obsessed that we give up on personal hygiene and a social life ending up more pathetic than early Stuart from the comic book store.

penny needs help
At least we stopped before it came to this.

But back to the point. I’m giving up ownership of Misha Collins and Shane West. Both are on CW shows by the way, Supernatural and Nikita respectively. One show I used to watch and one I never watched, but they are still very much CW guys. Is this the reason I’m letting them go? No, not entirely, but I since I don’t watch any CW shows I don’t feel like I have to pledge my allegiance to them. Let’s break it down.

Oh, Misha Collins. I’m not even sure why I have him. He has never been a particular favourite, but I think I just got greedy and wanted more from the CW, since your list is like 50% CW pretty boys. He is a pretty fun guy in real life if his Twitter feed is to be believed, but being fun does not equal a place on a list under the 20 Rule! I have to cut someone and he will be the first to go!

And now we come to Shane West who was one of my teenage crushes. I remember first seeing him on Once and Again back in the early aughts and thinking that he was cute. Then I saw him in A Walk To Remember – which is one of the few romantic dramas that I own! – and I just swooned. I’ve seen him in plenty of other things, but those two stand out for me. Both are things from 2002 so I am ready to move on and forget about him. He will still have a special place in my heart, but not special enough for me to keep him.

I know we’ve been talking about guys a lot lately and I would apologize, but those things happen right now we have to get this whole restructuring of THCOD out of the way so we can go back to our regular scheduled craziness and occasional break down.

(Also I can’t believe I created a headline based on a boyband song, but I did. And I don’t regret it even a little bit.)


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