All in favour say aye!

I’ll also keep this short. You’ll see why at the end.

I am in favour of limiting ourselves, mostly  because I would say that we aren’t barbaric and thus should learn to share and be rational. And if there is one thing this blog is a testament to then it is our rationality.

I am also in favour of your motion to make one voice and one lady the exceptions to a 20 Rule, mostly because as much as I love Alan Rickman’s voice it would be one of the first to be sacrificed when I decide to add someone else. And that would truly be a shame. I also vote for a 20 Rule as opposed to a 25 rule, because I think it is healthy for us to change our obsession every once in awhile.

This then means that I have to delete two people and you’ll have to delete three people, since of my 24 I already have a lady; namely Emma Stone, and she does not count according to the 20 Rule.

As bonus information I can tell you that I have a couple in mind to be added, but I’ve yet to make any final decisions, since I already have to delete two people and I’m not sure I’m ready to give more up at the moment.

Should we agree to make the deletion within the end of October and make sure to state our reasoning?

And not for what I’ve been waiting for all day.

tired leonard
The end.

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