We are the ones who make the rules.

I will try to keep all of my points as short as I can possibly master (which will probably not be that short).

Penny - what

WHAT?! We have 24 guys each? That is crazy! I really do suggest that we keep it at a 25 maximum as to make the craziness just slightly less crazy, because as you would say; Were not barbaric.

This poses a whole new perspective to the list because now we will each have to start letting go of people, which means we will actually have to think about our choices. There might even be people freed from one list that the other want – not that we generally overlap in our choices but it has happened. I am here specifically referring to James Lafferty. I still have no explanation as to why I was so willing to let you have him. When reading the posts of January 2012 I seem to have been in quite a bad mood, which regularly means the opposite of me being cooperative. I am a mystery even to myself.

I was planning on asking to have Eric Winter put on my list, but that would make him my number 25 and I really have to think about this for a while so for now he is in a suggestion pile.

I have another suggestion to go with a 25 people limit. We could make it 25 and then as a bonus be allowed 1 woman and 1 voice? I think that might actually be fair.

Before I started posting this I has a suggestion of actually only making our limit 20, then I decided that would be mean, but now I am again thinking 20 might be a better number than 25 and then we can have the 2 extra bonus people/voices. I need your opinion on this. I cannot make any sort of decision alone.

I am impressed, I managed to keep this rather short.


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