Speaking of hot celebrities to divide ownership over.

So I did the math after adding both Tom Mison and Matt Long to you list and it turns out that I have three hot celebrities fewer than you. Something must be done to rectify the situation! So without further ado I will present my three choices and my reasoning – not that I have to explain myself to you!

Like you I have stipulations for the first man on the list: I don’t want the dark and longhaired Loki Tom Hiddleston. No thanks! I want the clean cut charming British man underneath. The guy who hangs out with Cookie Monster and can bust some serious moves and has a smile that makes you smile. This guy:

He also looks good in a suit!

Up next is Aaron Paul. I think one of the drawbacks of binge watching Breaking Bad is that now that it is over I am seriously lacking Aaron Paul in my life. The only way to remedy that is to put him on my list. If nothing else just so I can look at his eyes. I really like his eyes. Well, I like all of him otherwise I would not be adding him to my part of The Hot Celebrity Ownership Divider. But those eyes.

aaron paul
I could stare at his eyes for hours on end.

Lastly I have Arthur Darvill. Arthur, who doesn’t only act but also sings! and is British. And he co-wrote a musical that played at The Globe. The Globe, Diana! Also how can I not like him when you look at how awesome his Twitter profile picture is. He is adorkable and we all know that is my weakness.

Arthur Darvill
Look, he is sitting on stage at The Globe!

So there, my latest contributions to The Hot Celebrity Ownership Divider now means we both have 24 celebrities ranging from actors – both television and movies, musicians, men, women and voices. I sort of want to round it out and make sure we each have 25 making it a round 50 in total, but who am I kidding? We are not going to stop there.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anne V says:

    Aaron Paul… those eyes!!!! oh lord

    1. H. Berg says:

      I know, right? One could spend forever looking into them and never be bored.

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