The accent that gets me every time.

I remember a time, in a faraway land, which had a prince… Too much? Anyways! The land that I am talking about is of course England, and the time is 2007. I lived there then. I enjoyed it. I was not only surrounded by people who spoke English, like proper English, not that American wannabe English, I could also speak it myself. For real speak it. I still can but nowadays I have to actually focus when I do. Unless I am talking to someone who speaks with an English accent, then I very easy adapt and go back to the good old days when I was considered the weird foreigner who spoke with a strangely posh English accent. Oh how I miss it. Those good old days in the faraway land. The prince I don’t really care about I just added him for drama, in the beginning.

This all brings me to the real purpose of this post. The guys! Yes were are once more adding them to The Hot Celebrity Ownership Divider. Even though I would love for both of the guys (yes there are two) to have English accents, I can only come up with one right now that I actually want to put on the list; Tom Mison. Because:


Still I want to make it absolutely clear that I do not want the long-haired Tom Mison as he looks in Sleepy Hollow, I want the short-bearded, freshly cut and slightly polished Tom Mison. I want this version:

Tom Mison
He is not only hot but also has a very sexy accent.

So yes, Dibs on Tom Mison.

The other guy that I want, I want simply because greedy suits me. The other guy I want is Matt Long. I just came up with another reason to want him. My friend Gro has this theory that I only like really clean-cut boyish men and I simply can’t let her down and ruin her theory. Because this is what Matt Long looks like:

Matt Long

I think that was actually all I wanted to post for now. And I bet no one thought this was what the post was going to be about but I like me some boys and I can not abandon The Hot Celebrity Ownership Divider for very long.


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