With a little help from my friend.

I’m not quite sure what my aim is with this post. It could be several things actually.

  • It could be to make sure we post something in October, besides a picture of T-Rex wearing a hot pink fanny pack.
  • It is also a way of occupying my mind with other things than sleep and chores while on “vacation” at my parents place.
  • Furthermore it is a  way to get into the groove of writing again. Even if it is just a blogdate.
  • Maybe I’m just entertaining myself while suffering from burst of insomnia.
  • Or maybe I just really want to share an update with a Beatles themed headline.
  • Not relevant: I really like bulled point lists. More than numbered lists.
  • Perhaps I’m just looking for something slightly productive to do with my time.
  • Maybe I want to celebrate Ada Lovelace Day, but it is too late in the day for my brain to come up with to “[…] raise the profile of women in science, technology, engineering and maths.”
  • (I figured fewer people know about Ada Lovelace Day since Google’s Doodle today is to celebrate Friedrich Nietzsche’s birth.)
  • This list is running away from me and I’m losing control over it, so let’s get to the end, shall we?
  • Because mostly I just wanted to show you this adorable gif.

Yes, you just read through all those reason to learn that all I want to do is share a gif with you. A gif I could easily have shared through the multitude of other platforms which we used to communicate, but I felt it should be done here. So here you go:

sheep and bull
Isn’t it adorable. A sheep is teaching a bull how to head butt.

And it comes with a two minute ten second YouTube video if you are more interested in the sheep helping his friend the bull learn an important bull move.


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