T-Rex Trying.

I don’t know if this is something you will find funny, but I adore it. T-Rex Trying is a Tumblr where Hugh Murphy depicts The Unfortunate Trials of The Tyrant Lizard King. And it is the exactly the kind of tragicomic comic that is saving my day today. (I’m stuck in a European Human Resource Management lecture.)

This is four of my favourites. And yes, I do love the idea of T-Rex trying to operate a smart phone.

t-rex fanny pack
I love his hot pink fanny pack.
t-rex instagram
Instagramming can be very difficult.
t-rex friends
Poor little T-Rex, all alone in the world.
t-rex selfie
The art of the selfie.

My next update might have more substance than drawings of a T-Rex, but I cannot promise anything!


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