One of these things is not like the other.

So three days ago something happened. Something that makes no sense to me at all. Agnes1Dfan-forever! started following me on Twitter. It feels very random to me, but she is still following me so she must be sticking with her decision. I just don’t get it. I have never tweeted about One Direction ever. EVER! Seriously, it makes no sense. Why is she following me?

And it makes even less sense when you look at who else she is following. She is following 13 people in total, so I stick out like a sore thumb even more. But as you might surmise from her chosen name she follows not only One Direction, but also every single member of that band.

Side note, why the fuck does this Zayn character insist on having his display name be his name as a contraction with the band name? Zayn, why would you annoy people more than just being in a boyband does?

Seriously, Zayn, stop being a douche and change your display name. And the rest of you stop having such lame Twitter bios.

Back to the topic of why Agnes follows me on Twitter. Besides the direct One Direction accounts she follows two artists who toured with One Direction and one fangirl. Then she sticks with British pop groups by following last year’s X-Factor winner; Little Mix and for some reason she of recent foam-finger-fingering-and-sledge-hammer-licking-fame also known as Miley Cyrus. And then some guy who I can’t figure out – he might feel as out of place as I do, but who knows – and who tweet the oddest things.

And then there is me being the odd man out with my rambling tweets about anything and everything. There is no rhyme or reason to what I tweet and when I tweet. I can’t even figure out what made her want to follow me. What in my pop culture obsessed, social media related, rambling everyday rants, fictional character following tweets could have attracted her? I am so fucking far from boybands and teenagers as can be.

Sense. It does not make. And me obsessions over it makes even less sense, so I will stop now. Except to mention that while looking at our tags I can see that I’ve written about One Direction before, so there is only one way this can end. Me getting off the internet.


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