I actually had a real post planned. Several real posts if you check my Evernote for blog ideas. Yes, I write them down along with other important notes such as music to buy and hours I spend at my internship.

But somehow when I sat down to write about one of my ideas. I just couldn’t. I’m not even feeling the inspiration to write about the guys – yes, plural – I’m planning to add to my part of The Hot Celebrity Ownership Divider and it has been sometime since we’ve been THOCD-level shallow around here.

Maybe I’m just too tired to write something that makes sense, but then I remember that one time I wrote a post after having been up all night, so clearly being tired haven’t stopped me before. And we both know I’m not above a completely random post either. Remember when I wrote about superheroes with moustaches or just posted the lyrics to Yakko’s Nations of the World song? Clearly I am not above being silly or random or whatever you might call those posts, but today I really had the intention of writing a proper post.

It is just not meant to be. So instead you can read about my rambling description of my inability to write. And your reward for making it to the end of the post is Calvin and Hobbes.

writer's block
Congratulations, you did not give up on my ramblings!