Listen to Wikipedia.

So in my last post I stated how well everything was going in the house I live in. And it is still great on my floor. The basement on the other hand is a whole other story. I made my first Storify story for you to check out so you don’t have to get lost in my Twitter feed looking for the whole jumbled story. Go ahead, click the link and get caught up. This can wait. The kitten from last post makes an appearance if you need more incentive to click the link.

All good? Great, not on with the show. 

I have found something soothing to relieve my stress and anxiety if a similar incident should happen. Listening to Wikipedia. And looking at it.

Listen to Wikipedia
Look at it. So pretty. And they move and change when you actually listen.

Okay, maybe I should explain. There is this website where you can listen to Wikipedia’s recent changes feed. It is bells for additions and strings for subtractions. And the ensuring music is just delightfully soothing. I could listen to it for hours since it lulls me into an almost meditative state. It is quite mesmerizing and everyone should take a listen.


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