State of the blog.

It has been a while, so I thought I’d give everyone a progress report and show you a kitten in a rubber boot, but more on the kitten later.

State of the living situation

My new room is as delightful as can be expected for a 18 square meter room on a floor shared with four other people in a house that fits 13 people in total. I’ve made it as homey as possible without hanging pictures or even a lamp, but I have my flower, my lucky bamboos and my giant pin-up board.

The people on my floor are quite nice and I often end up eating dinner at the same time as Rosa in the kitchen which is a nice change from eating alone in my room. She and I get along really well and have a pretty similar outlook on this whole sharing-a-floor-with-four-other-people-thing, so I think living in The House – I need to think of a nickname – will be okay.

State of the internship 

On Monday I started my internship at our old university campus. It has been a stressful week of talking pictures of the new students and events for high school kids four days out of five, but so far I really like it. Even if it is weird being back in this new capacity.

All the canteen people remember me and once my email account was set up and I wrote an introduction email to all the staff members, a couple of our old teachers wrote me back a welcome note. I was delighted to hear from Mette and surprised by Andreas’ email.

Either way I’m looking forward to the next three months and the challenges that lay ahead.

State of the blog

I suspect that once we both have a routine again we might start writing at more regular intervals. And since we don’t live within five minutes walking distance we might not know everything the other does five minutes after it has been done, so we might actually communicate in strings of thoughts again.

And now to the kitten and the rubber boots and why it is a metaphor for our blog and us, but first an illustration in the form of a gif:

Wait for it!
If you don’t find this adorable I can’t be friends with you anymore.

You see our blog, when idle is just a pair of rubber boots. Boring to look at, but then all of a sudden we pop up of the boot like the kitten and then all of a sudden the rubber boots become fun to watch.

Okay, my metaphors might need a little polishing, but I think it works.


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