NorthSide Part III

Yestday was the very last day of NorthSide 2013, so now I’m a little sad, but it will not stop me from giving you he highlights once again in the form of tweets and Instagram pictures. No bonus things this time around.

ns13 - tweet - mor
My mom bought a ticket for Sunday just so she could experience Fun. live.
So we had breakfast at my place. And breakfast would not be complete without white wine.
ns13 - tweet - fun waiting
When we got to the area we sought out a place close to the stage. We were in second row, but it was just like being in the front row.
2013-06-16 13.10.05
I did not spot anything for NorthSide Fashion, so I decided that our Crumpler bags would have to do.
2013-06-16 14.16.07
And we were not the only ones looking forward to the concert. It was packed.
Seriously, we were very close to them and could see all their reactions to the large cheering crowd.
It was a really great concert and my mom felt it was worth every penny. As did the rest of us.
ns13 - tweet - online team
I also complimented the online team for a job well done!
2013-06-16 18.31.26
For Kashmir we were a bit further back. And while they were great, I still think that they were even better last year.
I truly believe this, but I doubt it will ever happen.
The last act we saw was Band of Horses and I got to sing along with “Is there a ghost”
On the way home we passed by the umbrella tree, which is native to NorthSide.
ns13 - tweet - ns14
I’ve already made plans to attend the festival next year.
The Instagram picture from my thank you – see you next year tweet.

But seriously, I’ve had a blast all weekend and enjoyed every single moment, even the rainy ones. I cannot wait for next year, I don’t even care who will be in the line-up, because I know there will be a handful of bands I want to hear no matter. I had an awesome time with all of the different people who I’ve hung out with during concerts and between concert and hope everyone will be there next year.


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