NorthSide Part II

Another day at NorthSide another update here on the blog. Prepare for more tweets and instagrams. With a bonus Facebook picture from January.

The day started out with an awesome belated brunch at Diana’s place. With mimosas and white wine.
ns13 - tweet -blog
Then Diana finished her blog update and tweeted about it. Which resulted in NorthSide tweeting a link to our blog! (At the end of the day we had 97 views!) And I feel in love with NorthSide’s online team.
At the entrance everyone can paint a greeting on a giant wall. And once I saw the TARDIS and a couple of Darlek’s I had to write something Doctor Who related. So since I can’t draw I simply wrote Geronimo!
Then a little rain started to fall. But Diana and I came prepared with our rain clothes – sans rubber boots – and even Pernille had a waterproof poncho.
ns13 - tweet - imagine rain
I did have my fears about Imagine Dragons surviving the rain.
2013-06-15 17.41.32
But then this happened and everyone cheered!
ns13 - tweet - imagine sunshine
So I had to take back my previous tweet.
2013-06-15 19.34.24
We were pretty close to the front so we could really see how much Imagine Dragons enjoyed playing their gig. They were full of energy and just so exited!
ns13 - tweet - wifi
For your information.
2013-06-15 20.14.00
In the rain and mud my white shoes stayed remarkably white.
ns13 - tweet - screaming
Just a general observation regarding festival behaviour.
2013-06-15 21.55.05
More NorthSide fashion.

We really wanted to see Mø, but the we were too late to get close enough to take picture for Instagram – and see the stage at all – so we hung out outside the tent and just listened. But she sounded as great as last time I saw her live. So I give you a 365 picture from that concert.

A concert where  I took a picture of Helene and Nanna with Mø after her performance.

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