NorthSide Part I

NorthSide Festival is upon us and this is day one told through Twitter and Instagram. With a bonus YouTube video and a Facebook picture.

It starts with the most important item of the whole Festival. The ticket.
Then the packing of the survival kit for the day.
Once at the Festival area things start to happen.
And then we ran into the Teletubbies. Well most of them anyway.
Then the first awaited concert of the day: Passenger. He was all kinds of humble and overwhelmed to play for this large a crows. Quite possibly the best concert of the day.
Also he was funny!
A little NorthSide fashion.
2013-06-14 22.06.37
Then I went and saw Tegan and Sara all by my lonesome – if you don’t count the sea of strangers. And they were totally worth it.
But while I was busy enjoying Tegan and Sara, Diana was busy enjoying more Passenger while he was out doing an impromptu busking session.

She even has a semi-staring role in the video!

Passenger and Diana
And here is the most awesome picture of the festival!

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