The comforts of fictional worlds.

So I’m preparing for a my exam in International Marketing Communication – which is a case I have a week to solve and then an oral exam defending said solution. And I have been opening my book and looking at my notes, but I could have been better if I haven’t been escaping from reality into the fictional world of the following television shows on a regular basis:

  • All of the new Doctor Who – and by new I mean 2005 and onwards. It was a lot of episodes; some good. some less so. But I’ve enjoyed them all and I can’t wait for the 50th anniversary special.
  • I finished Awake – the last episodes did a good job of warping the show up and the end was ambiguous enough that I can decided if they all lived or died.
  • I’ve started the new Arrested Development season – I’m currently four episode in and so far I’m pleased. Also thank you Morten K. for granting me Netflix access.
  • Then I found out that Chris O’Dowd has a new show on HBO called Family Tree, so naturally I started watching that delightfully dry show.
  • A whole new show I’ve discovered is Orphan Black and all I have to say is watch it. Now. It is fantastic. (You can tell because I’ve written it in italics, bold and underlined it.)
  • I also caught up on both Hannibal and Revenge, both of whom I’ve been neglecting of late. Revenge went flat out insane and Hannibal just keeps getting better.

But at the end of the day I have to return to reality. And in this week reality is exam preparation.

As a bonus my lecturer actually used this advertisement in class so this is a tie in to my exam preparation.

And let’s be honest, I’m procrastinating from said preparation because the act of procrastination helps me forget that starting tomorrow at nine is yet another stressful exam week.


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