On this lovely Saturday I am sitting in front of my computer and typing away on yet another exam project. Nothing unusual there. No the unusual element to this exam writing process is that I’ve found the ultimate soundtrack. P7 Mx Maraton – seven hours of music (with commentary) dedicated to one artist/theme/decade. All their marathons are available as podcasts on iTunes so I went ahead and subscribed to their feed and downloaded the marathons I want to listen to. (I clearly steered clear of  the one with Medina and the one called Boyband-Bonanza) But the first one I downloaded was the one dedicated to THE EIGHTIES!

To sum up my relationship with eighties music I will quote Depeche Mode and say “I just can’t seem to get enough.” So let’s celebrate the decade that brought the world you and me with that Depeche Mode song:

Author’s note: Sorry about the heart in the headline. I really thought I could pull it off this time with the aide of the image, but sadly no. Maybe I should just give up trying?