Please stand by.

So it seem to some people that we have hit our Summer-lack-of-updates spot a little early, but in truth I think we are just both swamped with assignments and exams. So this is actually nothing new.

The reason we seem to be lacking updates is that last year around this time neither of us were attending university. I had just gotten home from London and started my summer of slaving away at the petrol station and you – if I remember correctly – had just started your three month contact with tourist agency. And despite the both of us being busy we still managed a few updates because new things were happening. Or so I think, but now we are yet again stuck with exams, projects and nice weather so the inclination to write a blog post is at an all time low.

I dare say we might be having technical difficulties.
I dare say we might be having technical difficulties.

But who knows? This summer I will have Summer School so I might relegate you with those adventures. I also have yet to secure and internship for the fall, so once I start panicking over the lack of one I could tell you all about it. Furthermore, once we hit August I will be homeless, so I might be sharing my troubles with you on that account as well. Again, who knows?


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