Challenge completed.

After I discovered that we’d used two consecutive Friends GIF as illustrations for blog posts. I posed a challenge for the two of us: Having ten posts with Friends GIF as illustration so that the entire front page of our blog would basically be a GIF wall. 

And we finally did it. Or once I click publish we will have done it. I really don’t have anything else to say.

So let’s have a dance party to celebrate! What kind of dance party might you ask? Well, it could just be a celebration of Chandler Dances on Things or a random selection of GIF featuring the cast of Friends. But no! This is special and deserves more than just that. It deserves The Routine. (It also deserves bigger GIF’s, but I after spending hours (okay, half an hour) searching the depths of Tumblr and Google Images these are the biggest I could find. Deal with it.

the routine 1      the routine 2

the routine 3      the routine 4

the routine 5      the routine 6

the routine 7      the routine 8

Now we can go back to our regular scheduled posts. Until the next challenge.


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