Adventures in Friday morning classes.

So last Friday I had class which in itself is not a bad thing. I quite like going to university and learning new things and hanging with my friends. Even if I have to be there at nine a.m. on a Friday morning. – I am an owl, not a lark. The thing is that this particular class is boring, repetitive and taught by an obnoxious lecturer.

So what I spend my time doing when I show up – last week my entire study group decided to skip, just because we could – is spend time online doing everything to ignore my lecturer who spends half the time going over the presentation from last week and the other half in love with the sound of his own voice and opinions.

So this Friday I started out by first doing a Gallup questionnaire about outdoor advertisements, catching up on the many Facebook messages I have a tendency to ignore, looking at beautiful men on My New Plaid Pants and tumble down Tumblr looking for Friends GIF’s with Sara.

These are the GIF’s we enjoyed the most that where not entire conversations:

ross hides

curvy joey

no furniture

creepy recidencecreepy recidence 1

And despise all of this I still managed to write down a whole page of notes in a Word document and engage the lecturer in discussions for about twenty minutes. And make many spiteful comments under my breath to Sara.


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