I have a theory…

Both you and I have taken the A2 bus line during the weekend, and on the long ride home from town the other day I came up with a theory as to why it is as it is.

To those of you who don’t know bus 2A I can tell you that it is the strangest bus route in all of Aarhus It goes back and forth, left and right. Really weird and no one has ever been able to figure out a system.

When it suddenly stroke me the other day why it is as it is, suddenly the entire world made sense again but I was still a little chocked.

Oh My God

My theory is as follows:

Some day some city planner, in charge of busses, brought home the bus line plans and put them on the kitchen counter for review later.

As it turns out this city planner had a two year old kid and this kid was placed at the kitchen table while the city planner and his wife prepared dinner. Unfortunately the kid had a crayon and did not care which paper was used to draw on. So there went the bus line plans.

The city planner was so scared of his boss that he decided to go for it, and the next day at the bus line planning meeting (for sure such meeting exist) he sold the other city planners and his boss on the idea that 2A made total sense as a chaotic route covering most of the city and not going close to any sort of sense making stop except for the very last, which is the hospital (not that anyone would ever take that bus to the hospital because they would be dead before they got there with all the detours the bus makes).

And that is the story of how 2A became the bus line no one uses unless it is really necessary.


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