Peace of mind.

So I have worked like crazy to find a way to use my favourite Friends gifs in this quest to the big ten, finally I think I’ve succeeded.

Totally in control.
Totally in control.

Yes this is about finding that Unagi peace of mind. As you Rikke might know I am never more challenged than when my grandmother calls for any sort of help with the computer. I really need to find my inner place of Unagi. Yeah I know it isn’t a real place but still. Anyone who has ever experienced me spending 25 minutes explaining to her how to log on to Facebook will know what place it is that I mean.

Today when she called I found myself falling short. I didn’t quite reach Unagi in the manic moments when she insisted the address line had disappeared from her Internet. Yes there is the internet and there is Firefox. By the internet my grandmother means explorer. I have tried explaining this to her on several occasions but it never really sinks in. My granddad only has chrome on his laptop and she firmly believes that there is no internet on it, there is only that other thing that talks to the internet on her computer in the basement. So now you know what it is I’m working with.

Well she called today because she needed tickets printed for a match in a couple of days and first we tried our luck with Firefox but since the tickets were pdf it opened the download window and that was clearly to much for her to handle so we moved on to trying our luck with explorer but then spend ten minutes finding the address line. I almost gave up after explaining to her that it was at the very most top of the screen she could possibly get and she kept reading out the fields at the top of her Facebook page.

After 40 minutes she had all three tickets printed and I finally reached the closest thing to Unagi there is, salmon skinroll:

Salmon Skinroll

Luckily I had just eaten so I didn’t feel a need to go get sushi, though one can always eat a bit of sushi.


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