Could they BE anymore annoying?

So I’m happy these days because the sun is shining and it isn’t freezing any longer. But my happy place is a bitching place, which you naturally know, but other people might not. Right now I am very happy and content in my bitchy place, which has some fuel on the already burning fire.

Yesterday I received a notice from the gas or electricity or heating people (have no clue which and really don’t care) saying that they would stop by on Friday for the annual check up on the numbers. This means I have to clean out my one closet because the whole apparatus thingy is in my closet. In itself that is only slightly annoying but they are also coming sometime during the morning, and I must be home or give the key to my neighbour. Am I the only one that finds this a little to Danish and naive? Since when are keys to apartments full of valuable stuff just given to neighbours? Granted, had I lived in Birk it would have been no issue at all but I live in Aarhus and I don’t know any of my neighbours. So am I then supposed to stay home from work, and who is to say that any of my neighbours would not be working. I don’t think they realise that in order to pay the rent we do, we really need to work. Generally they are just stupid and I was planning to become very passive aggressive but instead I decided to save that happy experience for another day and then be something like this:

Could I be wearing anymore clothes.But for now I’m going to stay in my somewhat happy place, not listening to the lecture and bitching about having to write assignments for uni.


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